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Thread: Uh.......what?

  1. xDae

    Default Uh.......what?

    I tried making a new character in Broa and got this message:

    Anyone else seen this?

  2. Default

    That happened to me, when I logged off like an hour ago. I just clicked "End Game" and went to watch TV.

  3. Won't Be Coming Back

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    I think they do that every time they want to d/c everyone at the login screen and make them download the new gameguard update. It's funny how both options do the same thing.

    Edit: It just happened to me, and I wasn't making a new character or anything, just logged out and got the message.

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    Wow, that sucks. I never thought they would stop character creations but I guess this is a way to get more people in the emptier servers. I'll try to create a new character once I get the motivation to log on >_>.

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    That message shows up when there's a new Game Guard update you don't have, so just restart Maple.

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    For some reason, this reminds me of Magus' siggy, lol.

    And its been around for ages. Scania people got it randomly back in the day, lols.

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    Really, its for a Game Guard update? Its very misleading when it says you can't make a character in the server >_>. They should just say update your Game Guard.

  8. Default

    It's for gameguard to update, close maple.

  9. Lead Ball Male
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    I got that when i logged out of scania also.

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    For some reason the error message in GMS and MSEA are two numbers off from what they should be. The error message next 2 away from that one in the data is about Gameguard.

    This is what it should say:

  11. Default

    So basically they were planning on adding that notice, but failed to realize that the messages were two off. O.o

    If I were Nexon, I would plan on changing that misleading announcement to the one that I've planned on displaying.

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    Ya, logged out of bello to go to windia and I got that message. I pressed restart then I downloaded some gameguard update.

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    We need this again. ._.
    Scania is over crowded, is it not? I don't play there, but I'm sure the people would like some breathing room. <_<
    Bera and Broa don't exist, but I imagine they'd be crowded too, if they did.



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