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  1. Default [1.2.159] EFPQ nerfed; more Pink Bean changes

    More changes to the Pink Bean fight

    - All bosses involved in the Pink Bean fight have had their magic attack reduced by 170
    - The room in which the MR hawk statue bans you to now has an NPC in it. He has a script called "Pink_Been_Out"
    - Pink Bean was changed to have a public and "explosive reward".
    - A bug in which the 2nd form of the MR hawk statue only having 20k HP was fixed.
    - Mini-beans now have the boss flag set to 1
    - Pink Bean and the ML hawk statue now cast a different version of

    145.level.2.x 10000
    145.level.2.y 5000
    145.level.2.mpCon 1
    145.level.2.interval 60
    145.level.2.time 20
    145.level.2.mob.0.origin.x 18
    145.level.2.mob.0.origin.y 45
    145.level.2.mob.repeat 1
    145.level.2.mob.pos 2
    145.level.2.hp 70

    It's stronger now. The HP before was 50% (this shows the HP percentage in which a boss needs to be before it can cast a skill) and the x value was 1500 and the y value was 500. Usually when there's an X and Y value like this, it means health regeneration. Maybe this move is supposed to be a constant regen move?

    A new message was added to show to new users:

    And a new entrance was added to the Time Temple:


    All of the nerfs for EFPQ are with the boss and its evolutions.

    First boss:

    HP: 420k --> 63k
    Physical attack: 450 --> 220
    Magic Defense: 320 --> 160
    EVA: 0 --> 18

    Still gives no exp.

    Second form of the first boss:

    HP: 543k --> 83k
    Physical Attack: 530 --> 250
    Magic Defense: 320 --> 170
    EVA: 0 --> 18

    Final form:

    HP: 758k --> 113k
    Physical Attack: 300 --> 230
    Physical Defense: 590 --> 280
    Magic Defense: 440 --> 220
    EVA: 0 --> 18
    EXP: 45k --> 18k

  2. Default

    Very cool!

    Too bad, I'm not on KMS Tespia.

  3. Default

    explosive reward?? So pink bean will end up giving out a prize like a zhelm or pendant?

  4. Default

    Pink bean helmet.

    It'd be like "lol".

  5. Default

    more like the map will be covered by drops when it dies. At least I think that's what explosive reward means.

    Oh no, someone broke the goddess's wings :x

  6. Default

    Pink Bean was changed to have a public and "explosive reward".

    Public and explosive?? Maybe public means that it will give out a buff to everyone in the ch or something like the horntail squad buff or the nine spirit eggs buff.

  7. Default

    Public as in everyone can loot the drops, like Pianus, rather than the VIP who dealt most damage getting first dibs.

  8. Default

    Moved to public. Enjoy, guys.

  9. Default

    EFPQ = Elin Forest PQ right? I guess much to Isaac's disappointment, the PQ boss got nerfed instead of the level range getting changed =X

    As for the new beginner message, is that for KMST only or will that be moved to KMS? In GMS Tespia, we already have a similar system (set your ap to a level 70 blahblahblah class) but if its moved to official, then mages would have an easier time because they can just put all points into str and kill faster to get to 8, which is often the hardest part, killing monsters with 4 strength.

    I remember for Tespia, I would just not put my points from 1-8 in and just set it to 70 of my chosen class, then have 35 (or is it 40) more SP to use. I wonder (assuming this will be moved to KMS) if this method can be used to get more SP if its moved to the official version too...

  10. Default

    I think the SP reset actually means it just takes all your SP out (except for 4 of each) and lets you re-add it. (What is that 49 stat to add at level 8 and 59 stat to add at level 10?)

  11. Default

    explosive reward rite? i think he will drop timeless weapons for sure i think :s but that alone would be a bummer, because i hope they wont be been-only drops, and i was kind of hoping for a cool item :S

    well time will tell, i hope its something cool

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    What does that Script do? kick you OUT of the fight? D:

    Also, about the kicking out skill... Is there any way to avoid it? Or is it like a 1hit KO, unavoidable, but no exp loss?

    I hope it just lets you in again...

  13. Default

    "Explosive Reward," Timeless equips or a special item like Zhelm or HT Pendant, PB ???.

  14. Default

    Heh, nice. They really nerfed the boss! =P

  15. Water
    IGN: TheLolSniper
    Server: Windia
    Level: 64
    Job: lolbolts
    Guild: KoopaForce
    Alliance: Unity


    No, it resets your stats except for the requirement; 35 STR for Warriors, 20 INT for Mages, 25 DEX for Thieves, etc.

  16. Default

    EFPQ = epic fail party quest



    I can't believe they continue to make bullpomegranate low level crap. Especially things which are so key to the overall storyline of the Maple World. It's an insult to the serious players who have been playing for years.

  17. Default

    Yeah... At least, make some instances for different level limits... :(

    It'd be just good for everyone. Like lv 45-55, lv 55-70, lv 70-100, lv 100-120, lv 120-150, lv 150-200. with monsters being harder as the level increases.


    BUT NOPE!! they need to say to the players playing longer that they get less stuff :p

  18. Default

    Great idea, but so many instances would require a ton more work. Also, would you really want to go through Kerning PQ for fun only to need a team of late 4th jobbers just to down the King Slime at the end?

    I would think it would be better to have one instance with a level cap and have a second instance with no level cap. Maybe an advanced version of the monsters inside for the cap-less instance, but not one which would require a team of endgame 4th jobbers to down it.

    I'd also say that prizes should be gimped for completing the cap-less one. Instead of getting scrolls and pomegranate, they could give a bundle of pots or something.

  19. Water
    IGN: TheLolSniper
    Server: Windia
    Level: 64
    Job: lolbolts
    Guild: KoopaForce
    Alliance: Unity


    Pink Bean says hi.



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