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  1. Harrisonized

    Default CKPQ Bossing Strategy

    To combat these bosses, strategies must be formed.


    Go tell Nexon that you want Shoes for Magic Attack Scrolls so that you don't get completely shafted by Nexon's decision to make the new Pendants 8~12 atk.


    4 bosses
    First, notice the damage that these monsters do. Not too bad in my opinion. Everyone should be able to survive their damages.

    Looking at skills, while looking them individually, they may seem like an undefeatable combination. However, let's compile all of their skills into a block:

    Status conditions- Zombify, Stun, Seal
    Skills- Summon (we'll count all summons as one), Haste (Speed +50), HP recovery, Atk up (+200)
    Attack types- Poison cloud, 1/1 with poison, Super KB

    Doesn't look like much.
    1) What I noticed was that the four are missing dispel. This means that Holy Shield will be pinnacle to protecting yourself against the 1/1 poison. Dispel will be necessary here to protect against seal. Since Holy Shield has a cooldown, I recommend Time Leap just to get more Holy Shield time.
    2) The Super KB and stun looks like a problem that can be alleviated by touching spawn or body. Since they do not have dispel, this will be safe for the mage and warrior classes.
    3) Haste can be alleviated with slow. Slowing down mobs means that they will only move 10 speed faster, which isn't much when you think about it. Also, it's interesting to note that Rellik is an immobile boss, so whether the not the haste will cause it to start moving is still unknown.




    Speculation the night before based on known data.
    Party Speculations


    Strategies formed after PQing
    Arranged in the order in which they were formed.

    Strong ranged/Weak melee
    Dusk's Strategy
    Jormungandr's Strategy

    Weak Ranged/Strong Melee
    Devil's Strategy

    Mediocre Ranged/Mediocre Melee
    My Strategy
    Kevin's Strategy
    Kopee's Strategy


    Don't we all love pictures?
    From the Boss Battle's thread


    Finally, I have the experience to tell people about this topic. It's interesting to compare speculations with the actual fight. As Jackk mentioned:
    I completely agree with this statement.

    Anyways, above are the strategies for you to reference. The ideal strategy depends on your party. Thanks for reading and good luck on your PQ.
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  2. Default

    Archer controls three on one side of the room with puppet (if I remember, the map on which you fight the grandmasters have platforms). Then, taking them on one-by-one, red nirg -> rellik -> margana -> hsalf.

    Though this is pretty pointless to discuss before anyone's actually experienced the fight, because we don't know the terrain, ranges of the skills, how frequently each skill is used, etc. =/

  3. Default

    Simple terms. Try and get
    Red Nirg down first. I'd say Hero/DrK/Pirate/Nl/BM and such should worry about this. try to get them pinned togeather. with Rush since noone will be KBing them...

    While thats going on.

    Should be getting attacked by Mages/Pallys of there respected element. while most can't KB the Pally should be able to keep them rushed/KBed.

    Trying to keep them split on seprate sides of the room might help.

  4. Default

    I would of thought each boss was to be given it's own room. Could you guys point me towards the evidence against that?

  5. Default

    In a interview with Nexon, they said "Crimsonwood Keep pq. Have anyone wondered what it would be like to fight 4 bosses at once. Well you soon will be able to find out."

    That and Nexon has hinted many times at 4 bosses at once.

  6. Default

    "Nothing beats live experience"

    No matter how well the plans may seem on paper, we wont know till we face the real thing in game. With that in mind, I agree with those above that say that strategies shouldnt be formed till we REALLY know what we're dealing with.

    That being said, the archer puppeting away so that the hardest boss is left sounds like a good idea, though again, we dont know if that's plausible yet till we actually face it.

  7. Default

    Sigh...I knew Prose was crazy when he said he enjoyed putting HH and BF in the same map surrounded by Elder Wraiths >> And I thought that was hard.

  8. Default

    lerooooooooooooooooy jenkinssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    if you dont know what is it (

    on topic:

    too soon to start making strategy, but i hope they are not on same map, cause zombify+ 1/1 + poison = dead dont matter who you are 0_o

    b> amoria baskets... i guess i am screwed on thief boss =[

  9. Default

    lol when will people realize NxProse's idea of "fun" is sadomasochism.

  10. Default

    I'm liking the idea of Red Nirg and Margana at once as a hero. Neither can kill me very easily even without hyperbody. I'm sure I'm faster than them, so I can keep them somewhat contained in one area and brandish away. I don't need a bishop since I've learned what a potion is and am deathly afraid of being healed during zombify. The bishops would do better with the mages to keep them from dying from Rellik's lolwtppoisonnuke. I doubt Hsalf can easily be kept under control by mages, though. Even with slow.

  11. Default

    Half's got to be taken care by mages just because of it's high w-def. Though NL's could just suck it up and apple throughout too.

  12. Default

    Yeah, that poison nuke is really going to screw up mages, and Zombify will screw up Bishops. It's probably going to be best to kill Rellik first, to avoid casualties, and have someone keep Margana KB'd so she doesn't mess up the squad with Zombify.

    Another problem is trying to keep Hsalf busy. Slow only takes off 40 speed, so Hsalf will still get a speed boost. Possibly the range/mage characters will have to fight this one to keep him away.

    Red Nirg isn't really a problem in my eyes.

  13. Default

    You've got a point. I'd prefer a max speed paladong for rush though. Point being it needs something besides mages to keep'm tame.

  14. Default

    Untrue. Speed 0 does not mean immobile. Speed 0, combined with a walking animation (which Rellik has) means the same speed as a character with no speed boosts. A monster is only immobile if it has no moving or flying animation.

    Also, note that Nirg's +200 attack buff means that everything will be doing up to 6k damage at frequent intervals until he is taken care of. If anyone in the party has less than that much HP, be sure to bring HB or, if that's unavailable, constantly dispel the buff and hope that particular person is incredibly lucky.
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  15. Harrisonized


    Where does the dispel come from? If it came from somewhere, I was unaware of it as nobody posted it.
    That means I'll have to change almost everything. >_>

  16. Default

    No, I meant Priest's Dispel, to get rid of the 200 attack buff. Or, Power Crash, but who has Power Crash? >_>

  17. Default

    He means a Bishop dispelling Nirg's attack up buff, not one of the bosses using it.

  18. Default

    He's referring to the Priest's dispel, which also unbuffs monsters.

    According to Isaac, the totems last 30sec on the map. And Margana might have reflect...which is very scary.

  19. Default

    First things have to reach the bosses before you can fight them.

    Having seen the maps it looks like a nightmare! lol

  20. Default

    Yarly )= Prose said he liked to play with our tiny minds too =/ There should be a huge Puzzle stage too probably,



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