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Thread: Does God Exist

  1. Harrisonized

    Default Does God Exist

    Sorry if this has been created before but I am not aware of such a thread.

    Anyways, two rules we must adhere to:
    1) Do not hate/flame/insult anyone for their religion.
    2) Do not just say "yes" or "no" or write any "just because" responses.

    So, does God exist? Or not?
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    Before we can start such a discussion, you must define "God".

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    (God doesn't believe in atheists)

    I'm pretty sure you'll all agree that everyone worships something: yourselves, your girlfriend, money, your career, your children, your own beliefs, your own intelligence...

    ...all of which are flawed and not worthy of being worshipped.
    I am under the impression that on southperry there are many people who worship their own intelligence.

    The question should not be whether we worship. That much, I think, is undeniable.
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    A God is someone that is looked up too, a holy saint of some sorts.

    The God is a man with a stylish beard that likes to dress in white robes.

    I win. :D

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    Nobody knows, nobody will ever know, that's the point.

    I don't have faith, some people have faith, that's their choice.

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    God doesn't excist, like Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny are both products of the creative human mind... They're all invented to tell a story to the masses...

    Imagine trying to tell the story of the Tora/Bible/Koran without referring to a superbeing (God) that made everything possible on earth to people 3000 years ago... it's just not possible...

    However, since humans have evolved since the Tora/Bible/Koran was written, telling that story now, without the superbeing, is quite good possible...

    Humanity surpassed it's need for superbeings to understand things.

    That is... a large part of humanity... ;)

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    The truth from the Devil himself.

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    I used to believe in a higher-being, but now I think life are all a bunch of fate or coincidences. No one can really control things. Ever heard ridiculous things such as:

    "When God (or whatever that is a higher-being) cries, the sky will rain."

    We all damn well know that's not true. -rolls eyes- There's also a logic that dictates that if one person spreads something, everyone else will think it's true, and thus, spread it out further. That's how these came into being. I don't believe things until I see evidential proof. Sure, you can't see air, but you know it exists from the textbooks they forced you to read in school.

    As for 'God', well, there's many Gods, I never understood the typical 'no-name' God. -rolls eyes- In China, for example, they worship Buddha. In Egypt, I believe it is Ra? I could be wrong on this. Ra is the Sun God if I'm right, and so on and so on.

    If there truly was a higher-being of a higher ascent that could rule over an entire universe, there would be no war or any of that. Hell, he could even wipe out the entire universe with a single blow. I don't see any of this happening.

    PS: I see myself as an Agnostic because I 'can' believe if, there is given proof. There are many things out there in the universe that us humans aren't exposed to. So yes, that does mean I believe in aliens. -shifty eyes-

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    I used to think so, because I was young and my aunt was very religious and brought me to church. Now that i'm older, and I'm thinking for myself, I don't believe in God anymore.

    The main reason I don't believe in God is because of the Bible. How does this book get passed down over thousands of years? Every different book in the bible was passed down, and someone writes the next chapter. Do people who lived thousands of years ago, know better than modern science? Did adam and eve, moses, abraham, and so forth, know how to write their own stories? Was there even language that far back? I mean c'mon...... the harder you think, the more BS it sounds.

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    I don't believe in a God that has any effect on the planet. I can't rule out that a "God" who created the universe might exist (there's no real way to say how the universe appeared), but I do not think they interfere in any way, or care at all what we do.

    And the Bible is definitely not the word of God. It's just a set of social rules, some of which were more applicable thousands of years ago.




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