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  1. Default Currently Airing Anime

    As you might surmise from the title, this thread is for discussion on any anime that is currently airing, doesn't matter if it's a show like One Piece or something more recent like Soul Eater or Code Geass R2.

    Just use common sense in the thread, if you talk about a episode that was recently released, use the spoiler tags as a courtesy to the other members. Don't derail from the thread... etc etc.


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    What anime is your avi from?

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    im pretty sure that Eureka from Eureka 7

    I'm currently watchin

    To Love-Ru
    Code Geass =D

    those are the only 4 shows im keepin up with religiously

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    Ive been watching Shippuden and despite previous Naruto filler, I'm not hating it this time around.

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    The only anime I'm watching that is airing at the time of this post is Kyouran Kazoku Nikki.

    Other than that, I'm just rewatching old stuff (Air, Kanon, Shana, Hayate, H20 etc). They're just so awesome I have to watch them multiple times =P

    Zaotsu's avatar I know is from Clannad. Good anime =P Sig is mentioned above.

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    i agree with that, this filler is alot better than the chain of dumb fillers before shippuden. Its actually pretty exciting

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    Code Geass R2 is ftw.
    Rant of the hour: it has so many characters that are so easy to hate, especially as of today's episode...
    is pure Smug Snake, Suzaku is flip-flopping like a politician (sure, so it's a deconstruction of the tropes he embodies, but still), and
    is failing at dying >:( (spoilers just in case, lol)

    Other than that show, I'm not keeping up with any currently-airing anime at the moment. Rewatching/reading stuff - Azumanga Daioh, Nanoha, Fate/Stay Night, Kanon, Full Moon o Sagapomegranatee, etc.

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    Mhm. Avatar is Fuko from Clannad, signature is Eureka from... Eureka seveN.

    Code Geass R2 14:

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    Wish I could see spoilers... I just watched that episode also.

    It's usually better to watch when they are done airing. Easier to find subs.

    I'm waiting for persona 26 to come out right now in subs.

    Our signatures are from the same anime. ^^

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    Wish you could see spoilers? o_O

    Actually, I find it much easier to keep up with a Fansub group as they do it, especially if they're doing one already licensed. I torrent though, so I dont know about streaming.

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    I'd have to agree. I try to find them as they go on, due to the fact it's easier to find the torrents if the series is licenced or going to be licensed when your searching for it in the future. Afterwards, it can be deleted from the site and you have to find somewhere else to get the torrent.

    I know most streaming places also get rid of licensed anime, but I can't verify that.

    I just prefer to torrent the anime as soon as it gets released. However, I like watching them all at once, instead of every week. Hence why I'm watching them all over again. It may not be the same impact since I know what is going to happen (In the BIG picture), but it's fun seeing the little stuff I forgot =P
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    I suppose if you torrent from fansubs once they finish it's easier. I have a dislike of torrents because the majority I download have about no seeds. I don't like keeping up with fansubs because I hate waiting a week. I stream a lot too. I torrent when I can't watch a series by streaming.

    And yes, I can't see spoilers. Refreshing does nothing. Not sure what kind of things would block spoilers. They work on all other forums. ;x

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    That's another thing I hate about watching a series after airing. There aren't as many seeds.

    The spoiler thing is strange though. I wonder why it would block them.

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    Currently watching:
    Code Geass R2
    Itazura na Kiss
    Monochrome Factor
    Nabari no Ou
    RD Sennou Chosapomegranatesu
    Shugo Chara
    Soul Eater
    Toshokan Sensou
    Wagaya no Oinari-sama

    I plan on starting Macross Frontier =o

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    Series that go on forever that Im watching:

    D. Grayman

    Seasonal Animes Im watching:

    Geass R2 (I'm going to lol @ all the Karen/Lelouch and Shirley/Lulu fans if it ends up being Rolo/Lelouch for whatever reason)
    Macross Frontier (Fight scenes = win... animation of everything else=mediocre... that's what you get when you have one company animating the fights and another doing everything else)
    VK (well, its over, so Im waiting for season 2 now)
    OO (If I have VK in there, I might as well have this here too.)

    Im more of a manga reader =X

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    I'm also watching that. I can't wait till the next one comes out. :(

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    Hmm. Would you happen to be using FireFox and NoScript? That might be blocking them. Clear your cookies / temp internet files as well.

    Currently airing stuff I'm watching:
    Code Geass R2
    Soul Eater
    Kyouran Kazoku Nikki
    Kamen no Maid Guy
    Chi's Sweet Home
    One Piece

    I'm guessing VK is Vampire Knight? I dunno what OO is though.

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    Right now I'm re-watching R.O.D, but after that I'm going to get started on Crystal Blaze (finished airing last month but Hitode-subs is only up to 10 out of 12) and Chocolate Underground (episodes are like five minutes long. lol). after I catch up on those two, I've got Mai-Hime / Mai-Otome and Princess Princess ready to watch while I wait for releases.

    As for other currently airing anime, I find it hard to find a good current anime that I can watch, like, and want to wait for releases. I definetly prefer watching full seasons at once rather than waiting weeks at a time for each episode, but I will do it for an anime that i really like. Last anime I recall doing that for were Ouran (who didn't like this anime?), A ridiculous but funny and cute anime called Chocotto Sister, and a bit of Powerpuff Girls Z (the great horribleness of this anime got old after about 10 eps of insanly horrible .... everything.) I just find it hard to find good anime that I like, and so far, after searching through the current anime line-up, I've found very few that sounded interesting to me.

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    Is Chocolate Underground good? I remember reading the whole basic plot overview and it seemed really... odd to me. There's not too much from the current season that I can reccomend really... Kyouran Kazoku Nikki is decent, Kamen no Maid Guy is more or less all fanservice with some plot (like Kanokon). Kaiba is unheard levels of awesome though, it's quite strange and a bit of a mind-pineapple in how it presents itself.

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    I have no idea if Chocolate Underground is good or not, I haven't started watching it yet and I only have 3 eps. downloaded atm. If you want though, I can go watch them right now, it would only take me like 10 minutes, rofl.

    Ooooooo Kaiba is good? That was one of my maybes of watching, but something was preventing me from downloading it. I don't know what it was though, cause I just found the first nine eps. on Baka-Updates under Froth-Bite subs, so I'll start downloading it now. =)

    Edit: Where did you read Chocolate Underground's plot summary at? There's nothing at ANN or Wiki, and after those two I either read about them at their subber's site, or else nowhere at all, and DATS has nothing on them either. -_- I only downloaded it because the artwork looks really good, and at 5 minutes per eps, I'm not wasting much time if it turns out to be a bad anime. lol
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