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  1. Talking Druids

    Cliche, but I despise them keeping clerics as a magician class, and would much rather see Magician and Faithful as parallel first jobs, with Magician offering the standard branch out to IL/FP and Faithful branching out into Cleric or Druid.

    Druids for the people who've mysteriously never heard of them, are nature worshipping analogs to the traditional priest. They've got some of the same traditional healing capabilities, but rather than being "holy" they have an overall natural element affinity and would make a good class for "earth" or "wind" related attacks ( Earthquake, Tornado or Call Lightning as their ultimate if they have to have an Ultimate to compete ).

    They'd make a decent middle ground between clerics and mages if handled right.

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    Yeah, I've thought about this before aswell. A druid would be a very fun class to play. That is if nexon created it right.

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    Regi, I lol'd. XD

    Anyway, I think this could really prove to be an interesting idea for Maple. Although, if they were going to try and mimic the druids from WoW, they'd be SORELY overpowered for Maple Story. Since shapeshifting is their specialty, there would have to be some major nerfs to fit druids into MS. Not to mention that they can heal themselves. Adapting a class from WoW to maple would be a bit of a challenge, I think.

    Excluding mages, of course, since both games have three types of mages. The only difference in types from WoW to MS is the fact that there isn't a holy "mage" class. It's just frost, fire, and arcane. If you want holy, you either have to make a paladin or priest.

    But yeah, if done right I think this is actually a pretty neat idea.

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    Druids weren't created by WoW...they have been a staple character class for a long ass time (would have to dig to get specifics), and are generally based off of Celtic or Native American mythology/paganism (nature/animal worship, animal "spirits," strong associations of earth (mortals) and wind (heaven)

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    I can almost see it now; Summoning skills for primary damage, with support skills like stuff that restricts enemy movement or poisons them making it easier for your summons.

    I can just see 5 or so bears swiping their claws at a defenceless group of monsters that are held still, mabye even cursed so they cannot deal touch damage temporarily o_O

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    Actually no, I was thinking more traditional D&D Druids, not WoW.

    2nd Job
    MP EaterMP EaterMP EaterMP Eater
    Cold BeamFire ArrowBlessEntangle*
    ThunderboltPoison BreathHoly ArrowShillelagh*

    3rd Job
    Partial ResistencePartial ResistenceElemental ResistenceElemental Resistence
    Element AmpElement AmpDispelDispel
    SealSealMystic DoorMystic Door
    Spell BoosterSpell BoosterHoly SymbolTremor*
    Element CompElement CompShining RayPiercing Wind*
    ThunderBoltExplosionDoomElement Amp*
    Ice StrikePoison mistSummon DragonSummon Earth Elemental*

    4th Job
    Maple WarriorMaple WarriorMaple WarriorMaple Warrior
    Big BangBig BangBig BangBig Bang
    Mana ReflectionMana ReflectionMana ReflectionMana Reflection
    Hero's WillHero's WillHero's WillHero's Will
    Chain LightningParalyzeAngel RayScything Tempest*
    BlizzardMeteor ShowerGenesisEarthquake*
    Ice DemonFire DemonHoly ShieldSylph*

    GustWind equivalent of Thunderbolt
    ShillelaghEarth Element close range strike attack. Requires staff, infuses staff with earth power to deliver devastating strike.
    TremorEarth Element version of Ice Strike. Can't damage flying mobs
    Piercing WindWind Element equivalent of Thunder Spear, but faster. Extra damage to flying mobs
    Element AmpAmps Wind & Earth
    Summon Earth ElementalRequires summoning rock. His hits cause slow
    Elemental ResistenceAll elements, like clerics
    Scything TempestWind elemental version of chain lightning. Weakens as it passes. Extra damage to flying.
    EarthquakePure earth Ultimate. Can't damage Flying mobs.
    SylphWind Summon. Like Ifrit/Elquines also radiates permanent haste buff (party)
    GaiaEarth Summon. Like Ifrit/Elquines also radiates continuous slow buff (enemies)
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