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Thread: FM Crashers

  1. xDae

    Default FM Crashers

    New packet people causing havoc

    Go into FM entrance ch 1 in nearly any server and MS crashes and gives you:

    error code: -2147287038 (Unknown error 0x80030002)

  2. Default

    Yeah. I got it last night while I was vending. Really annoying. I had a FM 3 Channel 1 spot too. -_-
    Apparently, people of Khaini know who's doing it, the GMs are doing anything about it though.

  3. Default

    I pity you and your silly belief of GMs. They are like Santa, only there to make us feel better.

  4. Default

    Yeah, it's happening a lot in Kradia too. Super annoying. @_@ Especially since today was one of the few days I was actually planning on buying stuff so I could scroll a better overall... maybe it's a sign I shouldn't. :>

  5. Default

    and they give us presents on GM day!(do note this holiday does not, has not and will not ever exist) presents include gm events and bug fixes!

  6. Default

    Don't even bother with the market right now. Just go level guys!

  7. Default

    This happened about a week ago in Windia. Horrible that it's still happening... hopefully there's some sort of official response to it.

  8. Neutron
    IGN: FantasticDR
    Server: Kradia
    Level: 200
    Job: BowMaster
    Guild: Defiance
    Alliance: DEalliance


    Its going on in kradia right now amazingly nothing is being done to stop it LOLNEXON.

  9. Default

    i'm glad i have a mushroom shop, but it's gonna be a pain in the ass resetting it later >.>, i was checking it before and i got dc'd twice ;~;

  10. Default

    Just happened in Scania. I kept disconnecting so much so I said screw it to logging in for the rest of the night >.>

  11. Default

    What sucks is that with constant dc' one is going to bother to shop, even if mush shops are up.

    So it's a lose lose situation for everyone.

  12. Default

    The method is now public on the biggest hacking forum (that i cant say the name,i believe)

    So,be prepared for mass crash ._.'

  13. Default

    rofl theres one girl going around scania right now Dcing everyone.

  14. Neutron
    IGN: Darklai
    Server: Khaini
    Level: 12x
    Job: I/L Kweh <3
    Guild: FinalFantasy
    Alliance: Chemmis


    Damn those haxers! Just the week I'm finally gonna be able to play again too. ):

  15. Default

    It is. XD

    If they start using them at Zakum....

  16. Default

    I cant keep a shop up in Bera...damn hackers.

    Guess thats a day or more wasted.

  17. Default

    im pretty sure it started up in bera cuz we've had d/c hack for about a week
    its really out of control now though

  18. Default

    This happened to me the patch after the day long one. I had an fm 1 spot, then I dced and got that message. However it has not happened recently, and I've had around 8 spots there since.

    EDIT: In Bellocan.

  19. Default

    Try not to let this topic go off-topic (because that's where it's headed).

    Anyway, all of Khaini Ch. 1 has pretty much been getting crashed all night.
    I dunno if they're on anymore, but Xenfac and someone with a name like GAZERSmule we're in Henesys/FM crashing them constantly.
    Someone was also with me on my map in Leafre with FusiDrK when he was smega'ing and d/c'd us also.

  20. Default

    Bera ch 1 FM is ok atm if anyone needs something in the FM before they come again -_-
    Lets hope Nexon can fix this...



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