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  1. Harrisonized

    Default [Idea] Versalmas

    Since Versalmas keeps losing every year, I have a new idea for everyone. Here it is:

    Don't turn in your Versalmas Orbs.

    Since every year, the event is practically the same, then that means this years Versalmas Orbs will stack with next year's to allow us to win the Versalmas event next year.


  2. Default

    People only donate to Maplemas because the prizes (and hats) are more pleasing aesthetically (based on the general concensus).

    Personally I went versalmas both years, we'll win one day =(

  3. Default

    If Opeth's favorite holiday is Maplemas, be sure that holiday will ALWAYS win, because HE is made of win (if you're wondering why I always say that, it's because of his avatar.. makes me think he's a cool guy) Lols.

    Anyway, yeah, that'd be a good idea, but.. actually you turn ORBS to get EXP or Black Coal at the end of the event.. (if they are the ones from the holiday who won you get EXP, and you get Black Coal if they are the ones from the holiday who lost)

    NEXON chooses which holiday won by seeing how many presents got redeemed from each holiday NPC. If Versalmas redeemed more presents, than it wins, and vice-versa.

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    If anything I hunted dropped presents... it would make a difference.

    Seriously I didn't get enough presents this year to make one orb. >_> I gained 20 levels while they were dropping.

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    I trained at gobies during that entire christmas event, and i turned in about 350 green presents to maplemas . Maplemas ftw!!

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    Am I the only one that thinks there's some kind of Nexonian conspiracy behind Versalmas not winning?

  7. Default

    Not really you see way more people with maplelmas hats than versalmas.

    I haven't played enough during the last two Christmases to get enough presents to turn in. But if I did I would have went maplemas.

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    Who wants mouse ears for christmas? Not me.

  9. Default

    Thread starter wants mouse ears not only for Christmas, but for all the year.

  10. Harrisonized


    LoL. Too bad I blew up my second one. My beloved hat.
    Anyways, I don't see what's so special about that Maplemas hat. Maybe one NPC appears cuter than the other, but really the Hats aren't much different. In fact, if you stand in front of another character, the main part of the hat would be covered, and the only difference is the ears vs. the antlers. So why does everyone like the Antlers so much?

  11. Default

    I don't know, tradition maybe?

    And yeah, I'm talking as a Maplemas fan.. think about it, last year I could've got Versalmas hat, but since I love tradition, I decided to support the dear Maple Claws once again.

    But I'm thinking about getting the Versalmas hat this year.. Changing never is bad.



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