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  1. Default [1.2.191]Fairy Tale Event, Monster Carnival Season 2

    Alright, here we go. First try at this.

    I'm going to leave notes in Red where necessary. (Translated names courtesy of Serendipity)






    Snipe's cool down, at level 30, is decreased to 4 seconds from 5 seconds. The only change is at level 30.

    Thread is done!

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    Nice extractions Isaac.
    lol, Gipetto. Isn't that the puppet maker from Pinocchio?

    EDIT: YAY First post!

  3. Self-titled badass
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    This will be interesting when it is released in the real server. Maybe you could post the raw data on the skill changes too?

    EDIT: To hell with you Jezza I thought I was going to get the first post.

    Yay for me being second?

    On second thought...Why do I even care?
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    Whats with the 100m and 330m Hp bosses that can only take 1 dmg? I get that the 100m one is some sort of invincible obstacle but what about the 330m one?

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    Fairy tale event o_o

    Weird that it's being carried out by cats though. Anyways, hopefully the 50-70 cpq will be decently well-designed.

  6. Water
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    Wait, what. A boss with 330m HP that always takes 1 damage?

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    So, I'm asuming Fiel gave you extraction notes? lol

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    It's probably just something you have to dodge in an event because it has 999 avoid.

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    Well its obviously not intended to be fought =P Could be anything, who knows.

    Great job on the extraction so far =O.

    If you're actually looking into the data were the world tour maps really removed from the data?

  10. Water
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    Nice, Isaac. Can't wait for the MC2 data. Are the items at top for MC2?

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    lol I'd laugh if it was bugged and Snipe killed it in 1 shot.

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    Looks fun... 0_o

    I want teh transform =P

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    Three instances.

    Probably in 3 maps?

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    Okay, KMST opened for just 5 minutes(T_T) , and I got to play the Pinocchio event. You need 2 chars or more, and one of the party members is transformed into Gipetto.
    You enter a REALLY simple jump map where you have to get out of the whale's belly with the transformed Gipetto. (I think the transform is immune to damage, but has nerfed speed and jump)
    Unfortunately, everybody was kicked off the server again before our party completed the JQ.
    Waiting for KMST to open again....................

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    Like the BF glitch! Except this one you get... 35 EXP. =)

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    Fairy Tale event looks very interesting. I always wanted something related to Jack and the Beanstalk in MapleStory.

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    No, 999 avoid.



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