Okay, so if you're crazy like me and you like to collect stuff then you've been doing Friend Story runs on all your mules to get the inventory expansion coupons. So far I've done up to chapter 2 on about a dozen or so mules so that's what this covers so far. I'll add more chapters later (or someone else can add to it in this thread).

Basically with Friend Story not all choices equal the same results, at least as far as trait experience. Certain responses will give you different trait boosts so this basically covers the main choice options and what they give.

'Quest...' - Nothing
'So pretty...' - 50 Charm
'Feel like I've met you...' - 50 Insight

'Just like helping out...' - 50 Charm
'Want mesos...' - 50 Charm

'Francis is a huge nerd...' - 50 Empathy
'You're a real jerk...' - 50 Charm
'Pound your face...' - 50 Empathy

Chapter 1
'Studies...' - 1 Insight
'Take it easy...' - 1 Empathy
'Don't need you guys...' - 1 Ambition

'Rather do a quest...' - 1 Ambition, 1 Willpower
'Love to see the city...' - 1 Insight, 1 Empathy
'As long as we can hang out...' - 1 Charm, 1 Diligence
'Pony meeting...' - Restarts quest questions.

Chapter 2
'You should listen...' - 50 Insight
'Real heroes...' - 50 Empathy