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Thread: Fairy...2?

  1. Harrisonized

    Default Fairy...2?

    Why does Nexon put numbers after monster names now?

    Where's Fairy 1 then?
    And I thought those things were called "Fierry"

  2. Default

    they are named differently depending on what skills they use. i think it's been fairy since the monster names came out on the ui

  3. Default

    go kill the ones in Orbis, and at Golem Temple, and you'll see they have different numbers too. Jr. Boogie is the same way. As mentioned before it's based on what abilities they have (Stun, seal, darkness, etc.)

  4. Default

    Jr Boogie 1 casts darkness/weakness. Jr Boogie 2 casts seal/curse. (or vice versa; forgot)

    I dunno about Fierry/Fairy's, I've never had the pleasure of dealing with them on a low level char that can't 1hk them.

  5. Harrisonized


    Do they have different cards for the monster book?

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    Can't Fairies have the same name? As they're using different ID, I'm pretty sure they can.

  7. Default

    Probably more convenient for those handling the monster data not to have multiple monsters with the same name. Although they already do.

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    I wouldn't think so but then again i could see nexon f'ing it up by having each one have their own card

  9. Default

    No. O_o of course not. You're not supposed to be able to see that XD



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