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Thread: [Scania] Harrisonized's Pan Lid

  1. Harrisonized

    Default Harrisonized's Pan Lid

    Jan 2, 2009

    I gave my Pan Lid to a dear friend of mine (Sn0Bunny28) and apparently she got hacked. IDK what to do but I'd really like my Pan Lid back cuz I scrolled it a long time ago and it has some sentimental value to me (hence why I tagged it in the first place).
    Harrisonized's Pan Lid
    I tried talking to Xxraiben17xX but he only responds with "u offer". So yea, be aware of this hacker.

    Because some people have offered to buy the Pan Lid back, don't bother buying the Hinomaru Fan or the Pan Lid because you're spending unnecessary money. I have no use for these items and merely want to know where the Hinomaru Fan has gone. So just tell me if you find the Hinomaru Fan, can't be that hard considering many people here undoubtedly use the FM. Buying it back is just pointless since I have both elemental weapons already and won't use the Fan for attacking, merely for memories. If you really want to help:

    1) go talk to Xxraiben17xX for the Pan Lid but if he's unwilling to give it, forget it.
    2) find the Hinomaru Fan in FM
    3) don't bother buying it back
    4) Ask Xxraiben17xX whether or not he has the Hinomaru Fan

    This applies to everyone. Thanks again for the overall support.


    Jan 3, 2009

    Ok... Sn0Bunny28 just logged in and confirmed that my Hinomaru Fan is indeed lost. Since Xxraiben17xX does not have my Hinomaru Fan in the MTS, I bought an owl in an attempt to find it. However, the owl will not let me find Hinomaru Fans, thus, I have to ask the Scania to help me locate this fan:
    Harrisonized's Hinomaru Fan
    If anyone knows Xxraiben17xX, please talk to him about this issue. I'd really like to recover these items if possible. If not, I'd at least want to know of their whereabouts. Thanks for your concern.


    Jan 4, 2009

    So I found Xxraiben17xX in the FM. The 18K fame looks suspiscious...
    I traded him... and he canceled
    I asked Chrisimasuu who was there at the time for help. Here's the conversation between the three of us
    And... what the hell
    So we talk some more
    And he goes into MTS...
    I traded him as soon as he came out of MTS
    He CCs and leaves
    From this, I gathered that
    1) Xxraiben17xX is NOT selling it, but has it in MTS anyways...
    2) Xxraiben17xX did not hack Sn0Bunny28's mule, rather, he bought it for 3K NX in the MTS
    3) Xxraiben17xX speaks only Spanish and doesn't understand English
    4) This means the hacker probably sold my Hinomaru Fan as well. Shyt.

    Thus, I need the following:
    1) Someone literate in Spanish to go negotiate with him.
    2) Someone to find my Fan.


    Jan 5, 2009

    Today school started, so I have less time to search for my Fan, thus I must rely on someone to find this fan for me.

    I just posted about my Fan in every server's subforum (those that has access to MTS). Hopefully, I find it within a matter of days. Also, I logged on to see that this Xxraiben17xX pineappleer had raised the price of my Pan Lid by 1K. GG me for making him up the price?

    To everyone, don't buy my shield. ProLaDon sells the same shield untagged for 3400 nx, showing you just how lame Xxraiben17xX is playing with the price of my item like that.

    Speaking of which... ProLaDon made $30 off me last night because of my sheer stupidity (which I'm also quite pissed about) but that's another story.


    Jan 6, 2009

    From Broa Forums
    From Mardia Forums
    I find it highly amusing how two different people claim they have the same item.

    One or both of them obviously lied... of course.


    Jan 7, 2009
    Looks like the liar turned himself in. I still have no news from mzbutta.


    Jan 11, 2009
    Shyt. My Hinomaru Fan was found but when I checked, it wasn't there. iPandaPrince of Kradia had it but I was too late and now I lost it, again.


    Jan 11, 2009
    So I made a mule in Kradia and talked to iPandaPrince and it turns out he still had my Hinomaru Fan. He was a pretty nice guy, and with a bit of negotiation, decided to sell me back my fan.
    Harrisonized's Hinomaru Fan
    Before selling it back to me, iPandaPrince mentioned about friend who sold the fan to him cheap. He claims that the the friend is "iserve". I promptly checked iserve up on ranks and did not find such a person. ~> Possible hacker? Not confirmed, but suspected.

    So watch out for iserve of Kradia...


    Jan 12, 2009

    Here's suspect one:
    iserved isn't on ranks though. O_o
    Here's Hocari:

    Could be the original hacker? Either that, or since you said he's an FM merchant, he could possibly have ripped it off the nub who got it out of the MTS?

    Here's suspect two:

    IServeU is a level 8x Mage on Kradia. It's possible he bought it to use it and sold it to iPandaPrince when he bought a new weapon. Either he bought it or he hacked it, either of which I don't know...


    Jan 14, 2009
    Harrisonized's Pan Lid
    Finally, both items are safe back in my hands. Thank you to everyone who helped. I really appreciate it and I'm glad this whole ordeal is over.
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  2. Default

    If it means that much to you, suck it up and pay the 10k for it. Hackers aren't gonna be nice.

  3. Default

    If you were in Khaini, I would probably help you out man.

    Sorry about those a-holes.

  4. Harrisonized


    What's the point? I can make another one for less than that, it's just that I'm appalled at such a mishap.

    + I had used it for over a year! =(

  5. Default

    He has a point though...sure it's not worth that much, but the sentimental value on it makes it worth more than it should. Its not a matter of whether you can scroll the same thing with less, more the fact that it holds extra value for you and thus would pay more for it. If I ever found the old 103/1 Gold Arund I scrolled on retalion, I wouldnt hesitate to throw out 100 mill at it, even if its only worth 35-40.

  6. Default

    I'd try to raise enough money to be able to buy it. As for the fan, I would smega a few times at peak hours, and owl for it a few more times. And I'll be on the lookout for it too :D

  7. Harrisonized


    It's ok. I'd rather you not. I'm only interested in the whereabouts of my items.

    + It might turn up in a few days and you'd be spending unnecessary money. It's not really all that great as people have said, and since I already have both elemental staves, I won't be using it. I merely gave it to a friend because I thought she could put it to great use and made this thread because I was shocked at this situation.

    You can't owl a Hinomaru Fan, I tried that already. I'm pretty sure these are the only two items that I lost. Sn0Bunny28 should still have my Spiegelmann Necklace.
    Last edited by Harrisonized; 2009-01-03 at 01:30 AM.

  8. Default

    I meant I'd tell you if a noob showed it to me in trade and was like 'need,' but ok :o

  9. Harrisonized


    My Hinomaru Fan was indeed lost, as confirmed just now. =(

  10. Default

    Harrisonized: To be perfectly honest, 10k NX is not that much to pay for an item with sentimental value. It's actually not a bad HP shield, so it itself is not worthless, so you wouldn't exactly just waste the 10k NX.

  11. Default

    Agreed. Just buy it for 10k NX. At your level it should be easy to make that much. So simple..

  12. Harrisonized


    Originally, I had scrolled it for my main but now I have a Magically scrolled Pan Lid, so I won't be using my HP one. Also, I had put my HP Pan Lid on my Cleric, but now I have a 100 hp Stolen Fence.
    Paying 10K to someone hacking my items is only rewarding him for his efforts. I'm not paying that much, and nobody's going to buy it for that much either. Maybe I'll buy it if it's normal price + a little extra but otherwise it's no deal. It's just barbaric stealing something and demanding someone to buy it back for over twice the price.

    Oh, and I still can't contact Xxraiben17xX because whenever I try tracking him, he's in the MTS.

  13. Default

    You think that's rough? A friend of mine got hacked out of his 15x bishop just after 2x came out, (he was one of the highest in Khaini,) my friend paid the fuucker good money to get his account back... and then had to delete and remake because he realized he could get hacked again. He lost billions of mesos plus the indignity of paying that damn thief for the account. Since remaking he's close to 18x. He could EASILY have been 200 by now if he hadn't gotten hacked.

    Dude, you're not "rewarding" him by getting your item back. 10k NX is nothing, to be honest. He will get NX for the panlid one way or the other, if you want it back, just pay the 10k. If you're "paying normal price + a little extra" you're STILL rewarding the hacker, becuase if you think about it "normal price + a little extra" is still money he should not get for theft. If you don't want the lid, don't pay for it.
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  14. Default

    If you're not willing to buy it for 10k nx, which can be achieved with 4hrs of selling leech, then I don't imagine it has as much Sentimental value to you as you claim the items have...

  15. Harrisonized


    Sorry to hear of his losses. The hacker changed his info?
    First of all, nobody's going to pay 10K for an item they can easily make using 1K or less. 105 HP is the equivalent of one 30% and 5 70%s, or 7 70%s, or however configuration you want to give it, all of which should take you no more than 1.5K NX to make, unless you're really unlucky in which it might take up to 2.5K NX.

    Also, as I've asked many people before, tagging an item reduces it's price, although it makes it easier to track. I'm glad I've tagged all my equips that I've used, most of which I still own.

    Thus, in reality, the shield should not be priced more than 4K, which is the price it takes to scroll if you're VERY unlucky, and the price of the item tag. Normal price should not be priced more than 2K, thus, I am assured that nobody will buy that shield from him.

    As for the Hinomaru Fan, I could say that it's decently scrolled, a bit extra for the item tag, but that's what I'm worried about is that it's actually has a use and it's missing, which means someone from another server could potentially buy it and I'd never find out what happened to the item, or whether or not he even has it or sold it already, what person came into possession of it.
    I'd like to keep my dignity more than my item.

    I'm not too worried about the Pan Lid because it's not going to be lost, and he's probably going to lower it in a matter of days when he realizes it won't sell.
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  16. Default

    Woah lmfao. That's weird how you found it in MTS. I wouldn't buy it for 10k either. The guy stole it, why should he get more then he should have?

  17. Default

    Well if you aren't even going to buy it back, then why did you say you want to "recover these items if possible"? Surely it is possible since you can buy it, but suddenly you change your mind? This thread seems kinda pointless to me... pointless attention...

  18. Harrisonized


    Kevin, I didn't say I'm not going to buy it back. I said that I won't buy it back at that price. Since nobody in their right mind would buy it for 10K, I'm going to bet that in a few days, he's going to lower it. There's no need for spending unnecessary money on my item because I know nobody else is going to compete with me to get it.


    Xxraiben17xX does not intend to sell my Pan Lid, but he is not the hacker either. Rather, he merely bought the Pan Lid for 3K NX.

    Which means my fan is lost on some other server. Dammit, I don't know what I should do... I'm not only broke right now, not being able to afford the Pan Lid, I completely lost my Fan. I don't want someone else to buy for me because I don't want to go into debt. =(
    Last edited by Harrisonized; 2009-01-04 at 11:17 PM. Reason: Update

  19. Harrisonized


    Updated again. Seriously I need someone to go talk to Xxraiben17xX. I was quite pissed at his price RAISE after logging on today. =(

  20. Default

    If you're willing to not pay so much for it, yet you want it, I'm guessing it has a sentimental value to you. Mind explaining why? The stats really aren't that phenominal, so it has to be sentimental value. So I'd like to hear why you're rather attached to it, besides the fact that it has your IGN on it.



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