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  1. Default Requesting sins for help with punch formula

    I'm pretty sure I've got it right, but I'd like verification from other sins in the game with a wide variety of weapons, levels, and equipment to check my formula.

    Here's the formula I have for sins punching.

    MAX = (STR + DEX + LUK) * Weapon Attack / 150
    MIN = (STR + DEX + LUK * 0.1) * Weapon Attack / 150

    Can anyone aid me in this?

  2. Default

    Assuming your formula doesn't account for Star Attack, my Khaini sin's punch range is 42~109. I hit 42 several times, but could only get one 108, and every other number in between. D: This was at the lower floor at HH1.
    Seems pretty accurate. ;o
    4 STR
    105 DEX
    240 LUK
    47 ATK

    My Windian sin's range is 8~20, and I saw a few 5s, 6s, and 7s on Red Snails. Didn't think Def took that much out. ;o
    Highest I saw was 15.
    5 STR
    75 DEX
    175 LK
    12 ATK
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