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  1. Harrisonized

    Default D. Roy

    I didn't know two could spawn in one channel...

  2. Default

    I didn't know one could spawn in two channel...
    And yea, thats possible

  3. Default

    Yeah...two spawn per channel. D. Roys and the other one, Homunculwhatever. If you usually see just one per channel it's because someone messed the spawn up.

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    also, they don't have the boss flag. so you can poison, etc. Not that they are really difficult, useful or good experience anyway...

  5. Default

    Are those the bot-catching mobs, or...? And why should only one spawn per channel? Is it a kinda a boss? But if it were a bot-catching mob, there would be only one per channel... Urgh, forget it. =p Just answer my first question pl0x

  6. Default

    Im not entirely sure but Im 90% sure it's not. They're monsters that are needed for the magatia quest chain and spawn occasionally..

    @Felix: I've always only seen one/channel and have never seen two... I guess people in Scania keep messing up the spawn, lol.

  7. Default

    they're not bosses, they're not supposed to be bosses, they work exactly like they're supposed to.

  8. Electron

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    They're just regular monsters that don't like to be spawned.




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