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  1. Harrisonized

    Default [Guide] Spot the Difference

    Puzzle A
    Puzzle B

    Puzzle A Level 1

    Puzzle A Level 2

    Puzzle A Level 3

    Puzzle A Level 4

    Puzzle A Level 5

    Puzzle A Level 6

    Puzzle A Level 7

    Puzzle A... Complete!

    Puzzle B Level 1

    Puzzle B Level 2

    Puzzle B Level 3

    Puzzle B Level 4

    Puzzle B Level 5

    Puzzle B Level 6

    Puzzle B Level 7

    Puzzle B... Complete!
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  2. Default

    What's the point on playing it if you already know the differences?

    Anyways,I admit i did copy and compare it on photoshop hahahahaha :D

  3. Harrisonized


    I just reuploaded it.

    K unfortunately, I GTG for an hour, so yea... I'll update when I get back. Hopefully, this whole thing will be finished by 7:30 pm PST.

  4. Default

    what's this for?

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    Global site event. You can get a towel.


  6. Harrisonized


    Completed! Enjoy

  7. Default

    This kinda ruins it for everyone :P
    btw Puzzle 7A is missing the clasp on her boot

  8. Harrisonized


    Thank you for pointing this out. =)



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