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Thread: Clean Slate

  1. Harrisonized

    Default Clean Slate

    I know that for certain scrolls such as "Cape for Cold Protection" and "Shoes for Spikes", once you scroll the effect onto the scroll, you can still use the scroll on the item.

    So, has anyone tried Clean Slating an item which has all it's slots used up?

  2. Default

    I think your wording is a bit off, but you can't clean slate something with total X slots if it's +X

  3. Default

    Hunh? o_O

    The Spikes for Shoes and Cape for Cold Protection don't use a slot nor do they say '+1' or anything. All it does, I presume, is add the text onto the bottom of the equip item such as with snowshoes and certain capes. :X

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    Clean slates can only recover one failed slot per successful scroll, meaning you can't clean slate something that has had successes on all its initially available slots.

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    If I'm reading that right... does that mean you can't clean slate something whose scrolls all failed?
    (Though I don't see why you'd want to.)

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    Stating this generically is apparently confusing so it's specific example time.

    If I have a Sauna, it has 10 slots. If I use 10 100% overall dex on this Sauna, then I can't use a Clean Slate scroll on it. Clean Slate can only erase *failed* slots, not successful slots.

    So, if you had a Sauna, and used 10 10% overall dex, and every single one of them failed, you could keep throwing Clean Slate scrolls on it until it was either destroyed, or had all 10 slots back. If one of those 10% scrolls worked, then you'd only be able to get it back to +9.

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    Ah, right. That's what I thought.

    So she meant...

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    Yeah, that's what I meant, sorry for the typo D:

  9. Default

    Noo, what she said made sense D; she meant one failed slot for each successful clean slate scroll... slate scrolls can fail too o-o At least, thats how i read it lol

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    clean slates are just like white scrolls with a risk of breaking and failing.

  11. Harrisonized


    Sorry of the ambiguity of my question but you got the meaning correct. However, I don't want "I think", I want "I tried it and..."
    Cape for Cold doesn't use slots. It doesn't add text on the bottom of the equip even when it does work. I have my Purple AC scrolled for Cold Protection and when it finally worked, my cape still looked the same. To test out the effect, I actually went to Nath where I found that it indeed does work.

    However, prior to getting a clean slate to work, I bought an extra by accident. (I actually bought 2 from the same shop and the first one worked.) To be curious, I dragged the second Cape for Cold over to my cape and it FAILED. Yet the effect was still there.

    Common logic, though, is that once the effect is on the item, the scroll is scroll-blocked, such as your +10 overall not being able to have any more scrolls being put on. If you try, the scroll just bounces back into inventory instead of being consumed by the item.

    That being said, I want to know whether or not the Clean Slates are "scroll-blocked".
    That would be common logic. However, I don't want logic. I want proof.
    You're reading it wrong.
    Again, I don't want logic. I want someone to drag a Clean Slate over to their +10 item (or +7 for weapons or what not), and see if it is scroll-blocked, that is, it bounces back to inventory.
    Duh. I've failed AND broken clean slates before. They work just like dark scrolls.
    Don't state the obvious please.

  12. Default

    all of those things you quoted weren't directed at you, they were directed at each other. someone said something that was apparently confusing, and then it was all aimed at correcting that. You shouldn't be jumping all over everyone because no one is dumb enough to risk blowing up their fully scrolled item.

    IGN: Overburnd
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    No one has to be dumb enough, just have enough money to blow on using a clean slate on a 100%ed garnier.

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    Well, have you ever seen a +8 weapon, +11 overall, +6 earring (non-crystal leaf), or anything else like that out there? We've had clean slates for quite a while now, so if they worked like that, you'd have seen at least one in your maple life. That should be proof enough that it doesn't work.

    Yeah, that's what I actually meant xD Sorry for the funny wording; I couldn't even figure it out myself after reading it moments later.
    Last edited by Cyanne; 2008-12-13 at 10:05 PM.

  15. Default

    its impossible to use a clean slate scroll on anything that has all slots worked (i.e its impossible to use a clean slate scroll on a +10 sauna).
    it is impossible,theres no point in trying. its impossible.

    IGN: Overburnd
    Server: Khaini
    Level: 210
    Job: Cannoneer
    Guild: Contagious


    That's not proof enough for harrisonized.

    Show him a video or he won't believe it!

  17. Harrisonized


    Or you can try on a real item and see if it's scroll-blocked. If not and it works, then you lucked out.
    That's not proof enough. For years, people believed that every planet revolved around the Earth. Is it proof enough that nobody else's evidence was considered correct?
    No. There is a point in trying. How do you know it's impossible without trying?
    You don't have to show me a video, but so far, nobody affirmatively replied "yes, I have tried it and it doesn't work." So far all I'm getting are answers that are guesses, speculations, or written in passive voice which means the person isn't very confident about their answer.

    By the way, having said that, now I know that none of you people who just replied actually tried it.

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    Although I'm quite convinced it wont work I'll go in maple and buy a clean slate and try for you.

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    Even without the fact that those impossible items don't exist, there's a reason why clean slate scrolls are still under 5mil each (at least the non-20% ones) and are in low demand. If uncovering extra slots was possible, clean slates would obviously be much more expensive.

  20. Harrisonized


    Thank you. I await your results!
    I barely know of anyone using these clean slates anyways. =/
    And as many people have proved already, nobody bothers even trying.
    I know your logic and I have formulated that hypothesis as well, but really the only way to prove it is to test it. I have found it very curious why certain scrolls (which I already mentioned a few times by now) such as Clean Slate and Shoe Spikes don't get scroll-blocked. If Clean Slates don't get scroll-blocked, I want to know through evidence, not speculation.



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