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    Is it a cakewalk even for a completely unfunded Mihile? I'm trying to level up Noble Mind and Ill be equipping my Mihile with just the basic Evo rings, and maybe some low level 2% gear (belt, shoes, top, bottom) and a crappy scrolled Sparta.

    Trying to level my Mihile to 130 and not spending anything on mastery books. Would that level be enough?

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    When my Mihile had 20k range I was able to kill Arkarium before time ran out, so I'd say it's not impossible, but you may have some trouble with it.

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    Are you Scania? If so can my Mihile join your quest to level up Noble Mind

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    Sadly, I'm in Bera :(

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    An unfunded Mihile should be able to do it. My friends are awed at what their Mihiles could do.



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