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    Last week I was working on the cover for an amateur attempt of a one-shot manga. C:

    I've been developing the story and characters for some time, with the supervision of a japanese friend whose mates are willing to lauch the first rookie and national manga magazine on the city I'm currently living. It was rejected, so I was wondering if I should keep with this since I don't know if it has any real potential. Any critic will be well recieved.


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    it looks amazing if you ask me.

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    It's only an amateur fail because it looks professional.
    Very well done.

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    I don't know what the person in the back is doing. The neck/shouder area is very muddy to me, like the right shoulder looks dislocated. You should try taking their pose/the pose you wanted to do because I think it's also a perspective issue.

    The guy in the front has really poofy clothing. Not sure if it was your intention or not with the top, but the shorts look weird. I feel like you could pull his upper body more because it looks like it's all on the same plane. It's like he has a really short torso and is leaning forward slightly.

    Nice job on the foreshortening overall. Very clean. I like your style, but a lot of parts just feel flat to me.



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