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  1. Default Monster Park drops (Help please)

    If you spot any other drops (especially in the 150+ areas because I'm not there yet) please post them.

    Tiger Stripe Zones

    Temple of Darkness (Sleepywood, 60-69 zone)

    Red Drake - Mokbis, Red Orientican (M), Brown Polyfeather Hat, Bronze Rover, Dark Scorpio
    Blue Drake - Blue Elf Shoes, Blue Anakarune, Golden River, Blue Orential Helmet
    Dark Drake - The Judgement, Snowballs, Blood Nightfox, Ocher Garner
    Tauromacis - 2H Sparta, Red Viska, Heavenly Katara, Bloody Mantis (F), Black Voyson Shoes, Green Patriot
    Taurospear - Sapphire Camel Boots, Green Elf Shoes, Blue Anakamoon
    Jr. Balrog - ?

    Smashy notes: Tauros are slightly more common due to the boss room using them.

    Snowy Mountain Area (El Nath, 70-79 zone)

    Dark Jr Yeti - Beige Elf Shoes, Brown Scarab, Fire Arund, Aqua Platina (F)
    Dark Pepe - Bronze Platine Pants (M), Dark Pirate Pants (M), Blue Battle Empress (F), Purple Carzen Boots, Blue Dragon Barbute
    Hector - Brown Scarab, Silver Aquila Shield, Blue Sun Boat Hat
    White Fang - Black Bisk, Aqua Platina (F), Steel Renault, Mikhail, Red Wing Boots, Steel Aquila Shield
    Yeti - Black Pirate's Bandana
    Dark Yeti - Blue Clarity, Dark Pria (F), Orihalcon Platine Pants (M), Green Pirate Boots
    Snow Queen - ?

    Smashy notes: I've been told that White Fangs can drop non-potential gear, but I've never seen it. Also, blame the lack of Yeti drops on the lack of Yetis. White Fangs and Dark Yetis are most common mobs.

    Silent Sea (Aqua Road, 75-84)

    Seacle - Gold Eyes, The Judgement
    Cico - Blue Cordon, Blue Enigmatic (M), Green Pria (F)
    Krip - Silver Rover, Red Lapis Sandals, Blue Requierre (F)
    Mask Fish - Abyss Shooter, Silver Planet, Dark Arund, Blue Eyes, Green Falcon, Blue Linnex (M)
    Clang - Green Commodore Pants (M)
    King Clang -
    Seruf -

    Smashy notes: Krips and Mask Fish are the most common, with the Krips showing up in 3 rooms.

    Black Mountain Hill (Korean Town, 80-89)

    Hodori - Dark Mystra, Dark Rivers Boots, Blue Ades (M)
    Hogul - Brown Pireta Hat, Blue Sage, Green Osfa Suit (M)
    Three-Tailed Fox - Equip Enhancement Scroll, Green Sage, Green Pris (M), Blue Rivers Boots, Red Oriental Fury Hat
    Blin - Equip Enhancement Scroll, Kumbis, Dark Dragon Barbute, Omega Spear, Black Oriental Fury Coat (M)
    Nine-Tailed Fox -
    Scholar Ghost -

    Smashy notes: This monster park sucks, blame the Blins. Unless you're a star-thrower, because I vaguely remember hwabis dropping here.

    Gray's Hideout (Omega Sector, 85-94)

    Plaeton - Red Pirate Blouse (F), Phantom Originality, Dark Falcon
    Mecaeton - Angelic Betrayal, Leomite, Red Oriental Fury Helm, Red Ades (M), Dark Rivers Boots, Hand Cannon Atk 60%
    MT-09 - Green Larceny
    Ultra Gray - Black Polax Hat, Green Osfa Pants (F), Metus
    Chief Gray - Green Osfa Pants (M), Green Osfa Boots, Orihalcon War Greave, Emerald War Greave
    Zeno -

    Smashy notes: Mobs are well balanced here. Too bad you lose access the moment you hit 95.

    Leopard Stripe Zones

    Auto Security Area (Magatia (Zenumist), 135-144 zone)

    Roid - Steelys, Mighty Bullet, Green Focus, Purple Osfa Boots
    Neo Huroid - Dark Valkyrie, Silver Grace Helm, Green Focus, Canopus Gloves
    Rurumo - ?
    D.Roy - Blue Anes, Dark Ludcia, Red Craven, Hellslayer
    Security Camera - ?
    Deet & Roi - ?
    ? - Green Anelin (Roid or Neo Huroid), Green Arcina (Neo Huroid or D.Roy), Hwabis (something)

    Smashy notes: The ? stuff is because Magatia likes to mix mobs together, like the start of the 3rd room where you're getting attacked by Roids, Neo Huroids, and Rurumo all at once. Rooms 3, 4, and 6 all the big offenders here. The somethings are from mobs dropping stuff before I made these lists and me forgetting what exactly.

    Mossy Tree Forest (Ellin Forest, 140-149)

    Mossy Snail - Green Osfa Pants (F), Red Grace Helmet, Mighty Bullet
    Tree Rod - Blue Grace Helm
    Mossy Mushroom -
    Primitive Boar - Green Valkyrie (F), Red Brave Hamal
    Stone Bug - Brown Osfa Pants, Vifennis, Fairfrozen, Blue Anes (F)
    Poison Golem - Red Brave Hamal

    Smashy notes: Stone Bugs are the most common mob due to having two rooms.
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