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Thread: PokeMMO

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    Seems neat. And it uses classic Pokemon? I'm in!

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    Giggidy. Will be trying this out.
    Sooo, I just find a Fire red rom and start the game? Anyone have one the works for sure?

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    I'll PM you a link.

    Aside from a few missing animations and scripts, this game works great! If anyone wants to play with me, my character's name is ShiKage.

  4. aka ClawofBeta Straight Male
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    But...I'll need a ROM? Dammit.

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    I tried like 5 different ROMs and none of them worked

  6. Nuclear testing facility Straight Male
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    Well done video. I'll check it out later.

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    Ask Shikage for the one he gave me, idk if we can post them here or not since he didn't.
    I got the name Dredragon, but sadly I have to go sleep, so I'll try it tomorrow. This looks pretty cool, though. Hopefully they'll add more regions. c:

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    I'm a little iffy on the rom thing...

  9. フレイムチョコボ Straight Male
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    Welp... This is going to be a waste of time trying to find that rom.... X_X

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    .... This thread....

    Never have I seen so many people question roms in such a series of responses.

  11. Monster Truck Tire Straight Male
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    I NEED ONE! F5

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  13. フレイムチョコボ Straight Male
    IGN: FlameChocobo II
    Server: Windia
    Level: 200
    Job: Hero
    Guild: KoopaForce
    Alliance: KoopaEmpire

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    There we go! Thanks @Moldyvort!

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    I can't seem to add you, FlameChocobo. I'm not sure if we can buddy cross-channel, but should we suggest a specific channel to play on? I've been playing on channel 5.

    Edit : If you use Heart Gold or Soul Silver along side your Fire Red ROM, you can have your Pokemon follow you around. :3 You also get DS sprites for battle sequences.

  15. Neon Atom
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    Gonna hop on this bandwagon in the morning, I need a time killer.

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    How many Pokemon are available in this? just the original 151?

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    So far, that seems to be the case. They plan on expanding the game in many ways, though.

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    Link for a good rom for HG/SS PLOX.



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