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    Didn't see a thread for it SO:

    EDIT: Video got set to private, will look to replace soon.
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    That awkward moment when your nickname is Chico. And I never played a Metal gear solid game myself but I saw a friend playing a couple times and I don't have a PS3, So I hope it comes to Wii U/Xbox360 (which is very very unlikely).

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    No one here besides me seems to like MGS so I didn't bother posting this.

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    Honestly the only game I've played is Snake Eater.
    that being said, it was a REALLY good game.

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    What. WHAT. I'm offended. I'm pineappleing PUMPED for this release.

    pineapple metal gear rising, that's a train wreck waiting to happen. But THIS. THIS is a metal gear game to look forward to.

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    That engine has me so excited. I would love to see more.

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    Hilariously enough, I only started reading up on MGS since I would murder someone for Rising.

    I should pick up the HD collection, then.

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    This is actually news to me. I thought I was the only MGS fan.

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    Count me in for the MGS fans.

    I just heard about Columbia making a MGS Movie. That has to be one damm hard movie to screw up so: Woo hoo.

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    this video is private

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    That moment when camera moves independently and control over snake is granted, giving away that the scene isn't pre-rendered. Hooooolyyyyy....



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