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  1. Default Nexon Postal Address?

    Guess this is the best place to ask this.

    Found two addresses for Nexon.

    Nexon Co. Ltd
    137 North Larchmont Blvd.
    Los Angeles
    CA 90004

    222 North Sepulveda Boulevard #300
    El Segundo
    CA 90245

    Which place would be the best to send an old fashioned letter?

  2. Default Re: Nexon Postal Address?

    I believe the 2nd one, since its an actual office building.

    on a side note how the hell do they get to work. LAX traffic is always BEYOND terrible.

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    Default Re: Nexon Postal Address?

    the el segundo one i would believe is the main building next to the oil refinery.

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    Default Re: Nexon Postal Address?

    They said that they moved to the El Segundo address.

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    Default Re: Nexon Postal Address?

    I could have sworn they moved to El Segundo way before PopTag shut down.
    When PopTag was shutting down, they offered some Facebook fans mousepads (which I got) and the return address was similar to the first one.

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    Default Re: Nexon Postal Address?

    Yeah, they're at the second address now.

  7. Default Re: Nexon Postal Address?

    The reason I ask is that the first address is still the one given at the bottom of their newsletters.

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    Default Re: Nexon Postal Address?

    Catch all solution: Print two copies and use both.



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