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  1. Default Empress's blessing not working correctly

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    The Empress blessing is only working when the cygnus on the account is the exact required level. When my NW was level 61 I had blessing 0 on bucc, when it got to 70 it was level 14. I noticed this earlier when I levelled to 4x and had 0 blessing on bucc, but later at 55 it was level 11.

    Not sure if this is happening to everyone, Jon said his buff was working the other day but I'm not sure what level his archer was, maybe it's with newly created cygnus, or characters since I only started on Mardia on patch 1.14.

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  2. Default Re: Empress's blessing not working correctly

    If you are in one of the allied servers, check and see if you have a cygnus created in any of those worlds. That's typically what's causing these problems. It messes up your blessing; all you have to do is delete it.

    If these doesn't apply to you then I'm not sure what the cause of your problem is. Maybe you have two cygnuses in that server; try deleting the lower level one.

  3. Default Re: Empress's blessing not working correctly

    I think I have one indeed a lvl 1 I used to check something, I'll delete it, thanks!

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    No problem ^_^. It happened to me and I was like, wot why!? Turns out I had a lvl 1 IGN mule in one of my alliance servers and it messed up my lvl 30 blessing.



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