Hey guys, i hope you're doing good. I'm making this theard because me and my old friends from the server "Yellonde" made a new guild called "Insane" in honor of "Rebirth" (Now vendetta because of the merge it changed to Rebirth_Y and we changed to Vendetta). Point is, we decided to start a fresh new guild to start recruiting fun and active people to make it more alive, since Vendetta was mad dead.

¿Who are us?

-We are a group of people that treat ourselves as a family, we've been together since 2009 and I can tell, in that time we've enjoyed our maplestory adventure doing things such as Bossing, partying, pqing, talking, etc. We are really friendly and would help you if we have the oportunity to.

¿What are we looking for?

-We are looking for people that would want to enjoy their maplestory experience, joining Insane is not just joining a Guild. it's joining a family... it's joining something new. We are looking for active that can do on most of the days so we can keep the guild alive and no one would get bored. Note: ATM we are not that active because OBVIOUSLY we're a NEW guild so it's not like "magic" it will be active, but another obvious thing is that i'm making this theard because of that, to make it super active.


  • No hacking or scamming, we do not accept that. Neither leeching from hackers or anything that's related to them. We are legit.
  • Be friendly and don't cause drama. Treat other guildies as you would treats people you love and everything will be great.
  • Be the MOST active you can.
  • Always make fun of Shon. (Once you join guild you'll know who he is ;))
  • We have NO LEVEL REQ. Anyone can join as long as ACTIVE + FRIENDLY.

Ok now that you've came this far, I bet you're asking to yourself... ¡¿Who should I contact to join the guild?!

  • CptManuel (Master)<- Me
  • ProjecXer0
  • Apprivoize
  • Shon9001
  • LunaKittyx3
  • Lcarian
  • Aikoy
  • Overhauled

Thank you for reading and ANY question please just ask :).