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  1. Default Random D/C s at aswan

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    I randomly d/c at aswan, and its mostly right after leaving a run. I frequently train at aswan hell mode(its a lot better exp solo than lhc in a party), and i just kill the mobs till time runs out and it kicks me. Problem is, around 60% of the time, when im kicked, it sends me back to the login screen with a "cannot connect to game server" message. Not really a big deal considering it happens 4-5 times an hour, and relogging takes seconds, but still annoying.

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  2. Default Re: Random D/C s at aswan

    It is most likely because the force you to change channel when you exit. Maple dislikes people who do for some reason.

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    Happens to me sometimes too, but only when I go from the lobby with all the NPCs into the room where you select what mode you want to play.
    Typical "cc and dc" issue that's been around for ages.



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