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Thread: Neo City?

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    Google turned up stuff about a questline that began with talking to various NPCs, and finally to Andy. None of the mentioned NPCs has the new-quest or in-progress symbol over their heads, and I can't find those quests in my questlog either as completed or in-progress, or even available (at least not under the names registered in Hidden-Street). Is this a BB thing? A subject of one of the recent reqlvl changes? How do you get to Neo City now?

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    They changed that ques a while ago. The only NPC you need to start it is Andy himself.

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    I see. Since Andy is also lightbulbless, I presume that the level req is also no longer 95 or whatever. What's the new minimum, may I ask?

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    105 I think.

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    HmmmMMMmm can't be, I'm 110. PERPLEXING @_@

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    its 125

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    The quest starts at 125 now.

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    What they said.
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    Ah, okay. Thanks, y'all!



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