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    Skill chaining is a special effect that causes fluid movement between two skills. A notable example of this is Mercedes' Charge Drive -> Rolling Moonsault -> Gust Drive -> Lightning Edge, and Phantom's Brise Carte -> Phantom Charge -> Twilight. There is a set timing window in where the next skill can be activated to be chained. If this window is missed, there is generally a significantly longer delay in using the next skill. The skill being chained generally requires activation during the current skill, not after, and thus activates immediately. This separates it from just consecutive spamming of two different skills. Along with this, most skill chains have a special property called "skipActionFrame".

    In the data, "skipActionFrame x" designates that when this specific skill successfully chains to another, frame "x" and afterwards are skipped, reducing the delay of the skill. i.e. the skill ends sooner than it normally would, making it faster. Some skills also have a specialActiomFrame/delay, but I do not believe this actually affects the attack speed, as Mercedes' skills have them and I have not noticed any variation.

    Technical Information

    In summary, most chained skills will reduce the delay, making the skills execute faster than if they were to be used on their own.

    This information does not account for possible spam delays and terrain effects or character positions that would otherwise prevent their use. i.e. I do not know if there are any restrictions that can occur that prevent these chains from being executed. This is merely what is presented in the data.

    Of Hayato's skills, only the first job skills have prerequisites for activation; that is, you are required to use [Sanrenzan] and [Renjinzan]'s first hit before the second, etc, but no other skills require anything to activate. Any different instances of [Sanrenzan]'s icon is purely stylistic. Any level of the skill itself is interchangeable.

    First Job
    Second Job
    Third Job
    4th Job





    Demon Slayer:


    Angelic Buster:

    Thunder Breaker:

    Dawn Warrior:

    Fiel for data
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    Very nice! Thanks for compiling this. Hyato looks extremely interesting due to the large number of chaining combos you can do.

    1) For Hyato's first job, you mention that Renjinzan has 4 attacks, but in the long chain example, you show Sanrenzan (x3) -> Renjinzan (x5). I assume you just threw in one too many Renjinzan into that chain?

    2) Are there any chaining delay reductions for Aran?

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    Default Re: Skill Chaining [Hayato, and others]

    dang hayato, shame he can't cycle-combo, would have made my amounts of want go off the charts, but still such a well-thought class QQ

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    Not sure if this was intentional, but the dual blades have a combo they can do...

  5. Default Re: Skill Chaining [Hayato, and others]

    Yeah, you left out Dual Blades.

    Also, I wonder, when mages "telecast", do we actually get a delay decrease on our attacks?

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    Thanks, I fixed that.

    Arans have what I presume to be a server sided skill chain, and it does not use the same information presented in the data. None of their skills have delay reduction though.

    He has plenty of combos he can cycle. It's just extremely redundant and time consuming to make the table show ABCABCABC... instead of just ABCA..., or DABCACBABC...

    You can see in 1st job, he was one long repeatable chain. Renjinzan can be chained back to Sanrenzan at any time as well.

    2nd job shows all the possible chains, and you can repeat Dankuusen>Shouryuusen>Dankuusen... assuming you don't need to be grounded for Shouryuusen.

    3rd job shows some new possible chains, such as Shouryuusen and Dankuusen chaining to Senpuuzan.

    The 4th job table would be 8 rows longer if I showed all the possible things you could chain with the new skills, when you could just scroll up and open the spoiler for reach.

    Dual Blades don't have any information in the data regarding to how their skill chains work.


    The only other classes that have Skill Chaining data like this is Demon Slayer's Demon Slash, and Kaiser.

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    Default Re: Skill Chaining [Hayato, and others]

    sorry, i guess i wasn't specific enough, he has high level skill, but he can't cycle through those, instead all his skills go down by job until reaching first, and at that point, only first job is cycling, and there's no way to get back to 4th job skills but by stopping the flurry-

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    Yousousen > Senpuuzan > (Shouryuusen > Dankuusen) > Yousousen

    Hikarasu > Issen > Senpuuzan > (30 seconds) Hikarasu > Issen

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    This is great info, much appreciated JoeTang.

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    would it be too much to be asking for animations/videos of how these chains work out?

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    I've updated to include Aran, Demon Slayer, Kaiser, and Angelic Buster.

    Aran's Final Blow chains to Beyonder, and vice versa.

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    I've updated the thread for Thunder Breaker's information, and I'll keep it updated for any changes they do to these if possible.

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    I feel like this is what buccaneer should have been...Nevertheless, my body is ready for this skill chaining combo god of tekken life

  14. Default Re: Skill Chaining [Thunder Breaker+]

    Holy pomegranate, I can't wait for this class... Being able to use all their skills to chain off each other will be awesome.

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    Does Senpuu no Jin not chain to anything?

  16. Default Re: Skill Chaining [Thunder Breaker+]

    No, it doesn't.

  17. Default Re: Skill Chaining [Thunder Breaker+]

    Senpuu no Yaiba is a standalone skill with a cooldown. It has no means of connecting to another skill.

  18. Default Re: Skill Chaining [Thunder Breaker+]

    Updated Arans.

    There's a slight difference between 2nd/3rd and 4th Job, for whatever reason Nexon deemed appropriate.



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