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  1. Default Not Enough Storage Error [Maple]

    I really do hope Im not the only one getting this. But, here lately maple closes randomly and gives me this error shown in the picture below.

    Which seems almost impossible to have such a problem...when i really don't do alot on my computer Anyway..possible help? It would be much appreciated.

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    Default Re: Not Enough Storage Error [Maple]

    your wallpaper, i love it.

    it's been a while, but i think i got a similar issue when my computer was running out of HDD space, how much remaining space you got?

  3. Default Re: Not Enough Storage Error [Maple]

    Says 136 GB free of 221 GB

  4. Default Re: Not Enough Storage Error [Maple]

    I hear Alt+Tab every once in a while or Setting quality to low then back to high can mitigate this. How much RAM and VRAM do you have?



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