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    Default Regarding DF Live.

    So the Xbox360, is this really worth it?
    And I'm talking about the overall game.
    I have only played the "demo" from DFO since the full game it's only available in the US and Canada, so DF Live would be the only way I can play this game without changing proxies and that sort of things.
    As far as I can tell about the game it's really fun but from you guys that have been playing this game. Is this REALLY worth it? How's the co-op about it? I think it's imperative to say that I love co-op games that's one of the main reasons I buy videogames I always communicate with my teammates and all that. And now I'm looking for other games, I'm a little bit tired of Moba games I even bought Awesomenauts already and it's great and all but 3vs3 doesn't simply cut it.
    Any input will be greatly appreciate it.

  2. Default Re: Regarding DF Live.

    From what I've gathered and watches around the net, Dungeon Fighter Live is terrible(slow, unresponsive, terrible camera (doesn't center on characters in party)) and the computer/pc/ online version is much smoother, better, and much more worthwhile.




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