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  1. Default Jett Core questions

    1. What are "stat ranks"? Is this just the maximum amount of stats each stat can give?
    2. Does Supernova Dust act just like the etc drop equivalent? It just randomizes what stats it gives?
    3. Has anyone used Condensed Supernova Dust? How does it work?

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    Stat Ranks I believe are:
    20, 27, 32, and 38

    Supernova Dust has a higher chance to raise ranks, and will not lower ranks, unlike the etc equivilent

    I have not used condensed yet, no clue.

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    So, strictly using cs items, you could (with enough NX) boost all the stats to their max rank, and then keep them active for one year?

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    My guess is that Star Dust and Condensed Star Dust are like Chaos Scroll and Miraculous Chaos Scroll.

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    From this thread.




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