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    Basic0 What if Leeching was part of the ToU?

    Recently, I just wrote an article about leeching and ToU and etc.

    If you can do so, please read, share, and/or comment on how you think of this.

  2. Default Re: What if Leeching was part of the ToU?

    I don't think leeching should violate the ToU.

    Leeching is a service. Just like getting someone else to mow your lawn, and then paying them for their work. If your neighbour now can't afford to have someone come and mow his lawn is that your fault now?

    If you're in a party together and you're happy with the other person gaining EXP from your kills that's fine. You don't like it? Kick them/leave the party.

    As for people coming and taking over maps to sell leech, well that'd fall under KS-ing.

    Also, people who are leeching from hackers knowingly, imo, should be banned too.

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    Default Re: What if Leeching was part of the ToU?

    If Nexon didn't approve of leeching, they could easily make it not work. Would be very easy to make it so the game gives no EXP to anyone who's afk (i.e., hasn't moved, or hasn't used a skill, in X seconds), for example.
    Instead, they go and create these "party play" areas, encouraging people who do train to add afk'ers to their parties for the EXP bonus.
    So, obviously, they're not going to add leech to the ToU anytime soon.

    Personally, I just don't see the point in paying someone else to play a game for you. If you enjoy the game, play it. If you don't, don't. But, *shrug*, of all the questionable practices Maplers are allowed to get away with, and all the "unfairness" between rich and poor, this is quite low on my list of things needing fixing.

  4. Default Re: What if Leeching was part of the ToU?

    Regular leeching either at LHC or pre-bb with ultimates, fine
    Leeching using bots, ban anyone who benefits
    Power lving involving logging onto the other person account, feels dirty like buying duped gear in a grey area

  5. Default Re: What if Leeching was part of the ToU?

    My problem with your article is that you meander around; it feels more rough draft than final article.

    You go through the effort of pointing out that ToU isn't enforced in the first place, so why does it matter if this is or isn't in there since if it were it'd be as ignored and meaningless as the kill stealing portion is. You end on a completely unrelated note, since the overall theme was allegedly that it should be/could be part of the ToU, but your ending is encouraging Nexon to actually enforce what alredy exists... and overall I don't feel you actually explored your titular question at all.



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