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  1. Default Azwan server in data

    Not sure if this was posted anywhere, I found this in the UI.wz after the patch this morning.

    It didn't exist yesterday.

    Edit: You can have this too if you want >>

    pineapple it, take my spritesheet. I wouldn't want anyone else to have to do what i had to, to get those. Open it with Fireworks to get layers

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    Default Re: Azwan server in data

    Check Ariant world map.

  3. Polar Bear Gay Male
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    Default Re: Azwan server in data

    so is totally confirmed pirate is getting revamped at aswan patch

    since the lvl 200 pirate race will start with aswan
    BTW... what a ugly logo does Renegades have

  4. Default Re: Azwan server in data

    I know I didn't see the logos before, but I seem to recall someone posting the two new world labels before.

    Azwan's is trippy. Renegade's is expected/10.

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    Default Re: Azwan server in data

    Not even talking about how stupid it is to release TWO new servers after just merging all newest ones together, but "Azwan", "Renegades"? Really? I wouldn't even want to play on a server with such an original name....

  6. Default Re: Azwan server in data

    Yes, the Ariant has Azwan in its map. It has had that since the Renegades patch happened.

    There is also this in the data.

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    Default Re: Azwan server in data

    Called it a while ago.
    Not really surprised since the original Aswan patch had majority of it implemented in the current patch.

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    Default Re: Azwan server in data

    Well pineapple.

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    Default Re: Azwan server in data

    Interesting. I kind of want to play on that "Azwan" server if they release it.



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