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  1. Default I need a new knuckle...

    I need a better weapon.

    My current knuckle is 109 atk Reverse knuckle, epic w/ 6% total damage (+1 enhance; too scared to enhance again because if it fails, I have no replacement) that I scrolled way back in the day when the best hope for the average mapler was to scroll your weapon with 60%s and then level it. This was before the 50% two handed fiasco as well.

    I have a few 50%s left over from teh market and I have 2, pre potentialed (rare, 2 lines) knuckles that I could scroll myself: an average timeless knuckle (85 watk?) and a below average VIP knuckle (89 watk).

    Question is: Should I scroll either one or should I try selling the scrolls in an attempt to get monies to upgrade gears? I don't have the money to replace any of my old gears nor the NX or mesos to perfectly scroll them. Basically, all that I have is literally all that I have gotten from my personal hunting and nothing from the market (yeah I'm old school).

    I have around 50-70 mil that I'm willing to spend if that matters anymore. The prices are so ridiculously inflated I can't even try to compete with them.

    Alternatively, I could try to get other equips to bolster my damage too. I have a practically 100%'d overall (epic, all stat 3%, str 3%; +9 str, +15 dex) and a MoN. All other gears are fairly decent right now except say for the helm, my old epic targa hat that doesn't really benefit me in any way at all except for the base stats.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thank you to those who decide to help :D

  2. Default Re: I need a new knuckle...

    If your Bucc is your main then I suggest you try to get an end-game knuckle, such as Empress or Mer VL
    then farm 20% or use urs 50% with WS and protection to perfect it

    there is really no easy way around a strong/perfect weapon other than spending loads of money
    its an investment worthy only for the main
    unless you want to farm billions of meso and then buy it off someone



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