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  1. Default Hero's Will for Jett?

    Are Jetts suppose to get Hero's Will at job advancement? I can't seem to find the quest for it in the quest book nor at Chief Tatamo. I would guess the quest is missing?

    Based on GMS v112 - Jett extractions, they're suppose to have it.

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    Default Re: Hero's Will for Jett?

    Did you get the witch quest?

  3. Default Re: Hero's Will for Jett?

    If the quest isnt available it most likely will be fixed with the next patch. They also forgot to add the alliance beginner job buff and some other things (like there is no mount I believe).

  4. Default Re: Hero's Will for Jett?

    Witch? as in Carta? I just ran down to Aquaroad to check if there's a quest from her or not, but there's nothing from her.

  5. Default Re: Hero's Will for Jett?

    I'm pretty sure the hero's will quest starts from the chief in leafre, not carta.

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    Default Re: Hero's Will for Jett?

    Confirming this. The quest is called "Strong Will," unless the starter quest has a different name.



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