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    Quick question - Anyone else lagging?

    Holy crap idk if it's the influx of new people but I never lagged this much before the Jett update. Ever since then it's been HORRIBLE trying to do anything! DC'ing all the time now. Internet speed is still the same no problems with the network.

    I play Khaini as you can see. Anyone else lagging?

    Keep getting disconnected from server and sent to login screen. Uggh so annoying

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    no lag here, in scania just hackers everywhere and botters

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    I haven't lagged at all, and I've only d/ced once since the Jett update, and that was from hitting "quit game" to change characters, but the client closed completely.

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    That means it's me... damn it

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    Immense spike lag sometimes, and then there's the issue I had of being Invalid Pointer'd yesterday every time I went through a portal.

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    Yeah just took me 15 minutes to get 2nd Job on Jett.

    Died in the room where you get the blue ores Dx

    <3 Nexon OR Crappy Internet

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    While on the subject of lag, has town lag returned? My FPS tanks in towns for no immediate reason.
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    The lag I have is not really FPS lag, but more NPC Chat lag, pick up lag, kill a monster and it drops items 5 seconds later, etc.

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    It's been a recurring thing since almost V100. As far as I know, it had to do something NPC placement, or it's just idk, your computer. I had the WORST town lag during V110~Last patch, and only now my FPS doesn't drop to 0.

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    I don't think you understand the meaning of subjective... Haven't experienced any lag personally. Town lag usually only occurs on low RAM computers. Trying to free up any in use might help.

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    I haven't run into any problems at all.
    Game has been running fine before and after the patch.

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    My problem too.

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    Thinking about it again, maybe it was a bit misplaced. Edited out (despite it being quoted 3 times anyway lol). Also okay, will try that.

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    Distance of server, line quality, server population, NIC, ISP, all play a role in your connection. Too many damn variables.



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