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  1. Default Game Simply Won't Start

    I've had this issue since yesterday's patch. I haven't been able to start the game at all.

    Basically the screen goes black and the game looks like its loading. It stays like this for about 5 mins and then it crashes, giving me the 'You have been disconnected from login server' error. This happens whether I log in from the site or through GameLauncher.

    I didn't have this problem before the patch. I tried reinstalling MS to no avail. Any suggestions?

  2. Default Re: Game Simply Won't Start

    I had this on kms, and it stopped by itself after 1-2 days. Don't know wheter it will do the same thing for you or not.

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    Default Re: Game Simply Won't Start

    Try running the setup.exe file inside your MapleStory folder, that always seems to help me. If that doesn't help, then I don't know.

  4. Default Re: Game Simply Won't Start

    It seems to have resolved itself, like Raph589 said. It still takes me a few attempts to actually get the game started though.

  5. Default Re: Game Simply Won't Start

    Is your system something oldish? I've had this problem for awhile on my older mule computer. Note: This computer also suffers from instances where MS will eventually takes too much memory and blue screens, that old and weak.

  6. Default Re: Game Simply Won't Start

    Yeah, I play on a relatively old laptop (about 4 years, so it's pretty ancient given today's standards). I can play MS fine aside from town lag and this issue of having to start the game multiple times before it finally loads.

    I'll probably be getting a new laptop so I'll just put up with it until then.



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