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  1. Default Inb4 new scheduled downtime.

    I received another character slot after the maintenance.

  2. Default Re: Inb4 new scheduled downtime.

    Wasn't there an issue like this with the server alliance where servers that weren't included got the free stuff without meaning to? I think they fixed that without another downtime, so they could for this too.

  3. Default Re: Inb4 new scheduled downtime.

    Probably. I'll be interested to see if they let this slide through, especially with phantom coming up around the corner.

  4. Default Re: Inb4 new scheduled downtime.

    It seems like everyone that got one before the unscheduled maintenance got another.

  5. Default Re: Inb4 new scheduled downtime.

    They re-issued the "Hot Time" boxes for all characters. If you got the free slot coupon before the USC and you used it, you got another one in the re-issued box. Personally, I got 2 free slots on 3 of my 4 accounts.

  6. Default Re: Inb4 new scheduled downtime.

    No, there was an unscheduled maintenance for that. I claimed the 7-day mush shop before the maintenance and got to use it the full week. I checked on another account after the maintenance, and there was no free stuff. I think there was another free item on the first account that I didn't claim immediately which also vanished. Going to log in early after the next server merge to see if they make the same mistake again.



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