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    Welcome to the Most Metalist Thread

    First of all, if you are not happy with the music that is being played here, then this thread most likely isn't for you.

    Old School Death Metal, Black Metal, Old Thrash, Beautiful Brutal, Sludge/Doom genres and those alike are encouraged. If you play melodic stuff, try not to make it too... happy...

    Never Okay: Anything-core, Annoying Breakdowns.

    Okay so theres lots of metuzlllez so these rules is prezzy harsh man. U can occasionally play bad music thats fine.

    Freedom of speech: I do not care if you bash another band, I do not care if the lyrics might hurt someone elses feelings, and I do not care.

    I will start with a classic..... -l-

    Mods: I changed the name from The Death Metal Thread because that seems to restrict to Death Metal. For example Electric Wizard is dark and heavy yet they are not Death Metal. I hope this name doesn't piss you off.

    Be your pineappleing self god damn it.
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    My preferences are Meshuggah, Dimmu Borgir, Anaal Nathrakh, Living Sacrifice, Opeth, Septicflesh, and of course the almighty overgod of the guitar, Jeff Loomis.

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    Dude, did you hear The Great Mass by Septicflesh? That album is awesome!

  4. Thumbs down Re: black metal thread!

    Not all melodeath sucks
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    Almost everything I listed was black metal, or at the very least they have done quite a few songs in the style ._.
    I could have listed Tyr, Rhapsody of Fire, Diablo Swing Orchestra, Bethlehem (though they have a few in the style now that I think of it), Dope, Hammerfall, Otep...any number of other metal bands I enjoy, but those are not black metal.
    Of course. And yes, it was very very good, I agree!

  6. Question Re: black metal thread!

    choo choo
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    No offense intended, but I've been listening to metal for about 15 years now, I think I understand enough of the nuance in the genre to know how to differentiate between the subgenres. Take a listen to some of those bands I mentioned; if you want particular songs, try Dimmu Borgir's Progenies of the Great Apocalypse, Meshuggah's Mahyem edit of Future Breed Machine, or pick any Anaal Nathrakh song at random, perhaps More of Fire than Blood or Blood Eagles Carved Upon the Backs of Innocents, but those are just suggestions, anything from their tracks is going to be about the hardest you are going to find. The songs you posted are pretty light compared to any of those, and they are just examples off the top of my head.

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    If anyone wants more Demilich they have all of their music for free on their website :)
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    Very well, since you refuse to be civil or admit that any opinion but your own can possibly be correct, I will do so.

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    locals bm
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    Anyone can go to wikipedia and read up on the classifications of entertainment media for a few minutes then claim to actually know what they are talking about, it takes years of experience to actually understand though. Just because a band is not primarily a certain subgenre does not automatically exclude them from others; some songs can be a combination of every genre, it is quite impressive what people can do with a bit of creativity. Someday you may find that out for yourself!

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    As awesome as black metal is, I think we should make a general metal thread instead. What constitutes true black metal is a source of may flame wars.

    @Afeared, although you are technically right on the black metal stuff, There's no reason to get hostile. @Flonne is a cool guy.

    Relax guys, let's show some headbanger's love!

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    Cant get enough of this.

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    Glad to see that got resolved before I could yell at you guys for it.

    You're better off with a general thread. Arguing about metal types is like arguing the difference between techno and trance. :|

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    I never looked up wikipedia bullshiat though just saying.
    pineapple double post

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    Changes made whatever.......................................... .................................................. .................................................. .........................

    Less Harsh rulez

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    That cold wind <3

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    Dude I have that album! Freaking love that song! Also you might want to get the more safe for work album art, because you can get infracted for showing nudity.

    Suddenly... EMPEROR!

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    These guys aren't very big but are probably one of the best doom/sludge bands evarrrrrrrrrrr

    endless repetition of existance
    lies are the origin
    caught between light
    caught between shadow
    lies are the origin
    virus through my brain
    virus through my body
    pain is the beginning
    ruin is the end



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