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  1. Default Character Card System

    It's finally coming to GMS, I think it's time to centralize information. If you see anything wrong, or in need of clarification, post about it.

    - You pick 3 sets of 3 cards from the characters on your account per server (6 total)
    - Each character can be present once (1 total)
    - Each job can be present once
    - The level of the character determines the effects of the card
    - The level, job and class of all characters in a set determines the set bonus
    - Effects and set bonuses apply to all characters on the account on the same server

    Individual Card Bonuses
    Arranged into four ranks:
    - B: 30-59
    - A: 60-99
    - S: 100-199
    - SS: 200+
    Zero starts at level 100 so has different ones.
    - B: 110-129
    - A: 130-159
    - S: 160-199
    - SS: 200+

    JobClassOriginBASSSCard Bonus
    HeroWarriorAdventurer2%3%4%5%weapon defense
    PaladinWarriorAdventurer0.511.52level to physical damage
    Dark KnightWarriorAdventurer2%3%4%5%max hp
    Fire/Poison MageMagicianAdventurer2%3%4%5%max mp
    Ice/Lightning MageMagicianAdventurer0.511.52level to magical damage
    BishopMagicianAdventurer5%10%15%20%mp potion effect increase
    MarksmanBowmanAdventurer1%2%3%4%critical rate
    Night LordThiefAdventurer2345jump
    Dual BladerThiefAdventurer2%3%4%5%avoid
    ViperPirateAdventurer2345level to physical+magical damage
    CaptainPirateAdventurer4%6%8%10%summon duration increase
    JettPirateAdventurer4%6%8%10%summon duration increase
    Cannon ShooterPirateAdventurer2%3%4%5%reduction in exp loss after dying
    Demon SlayerWarriorResistance1%2%3%4%resistance to all statuses
    Battle MageMagicianResistance2%3%4%5%reduction in damage taken
    Wild HunterBowmanResistance0.511.52Chance of instantly killing an enemy
    MechanicPirateResistance5%10%15%20%buff duration increase
    XenonPirate&ThiefResistance5102040+all stats
    Demon AvengerWarriorResistance1%2%3%5%boss damage
    AranWarriorHero2%4%6%8%70% chance of healing %HP (1 per 60s)
    EvanMagicianHero2%4%6%8%70% chance of healing %MP (1 per 60s)
    MercedesBowmanHero2%3%4%5%skill cooldown decrease
    PhantomThiefHero1%2%3%4%meso drop rate increase
    Dawn WarriorWarriorCygnus2%3%  weapon defense
    Blaze WizardMagicianCygnus0.51  level to magical damage
    Wind ArcherBowmanCygnus2%4%  accuracy
    Night WalkerThiefCygnus2%3%  avoid
    Thunder BreakerPirateCygnus23  level to physical+magical damage
    MikhailWarriorCygnus2%3%4%5%weapon defense
    Angelic BusterPirateNova10204080+dex
    ZeroWarrior?4%6%8%10%exp bonus (note: ranks are 110/130/160/200)
    KannaMagicianSengoku1%2%3%4%boss damage
    HayatoWarriorSengoku2%4%6%8%min crit damage
    Beast TamerMagician?2%4%6%8%monster defense ignored

    Card Set Bonuses
    Rank is determined by the rank of the average character in the set. 100+100+94 -> A rank (98 average), 106+100+94 -> S rank (100 average).

    These are based on either class, or origin. The requirement must be met by all characters in the set. Each effect is unique, and can only be active once (if both sets satisfy it, it'll choose the higher).
    RequirementSet Name?BASSSSet Bonus
    WarriorPowerful Charge4%6%8%10%hp to damage
    MagicianMagic Storm4%6%8%10%mp to damage
    BowmanPrecise Aiming1%2%3%4%final attack damage
    ThiefWeakness Targeting1%2%3%4%maximum critical damage
    PiratePirate's Spirit2%4%6%8%ignore monster defense
    AdventurerFree Spirit25710+all stats
    CygnusConcern for Cygnus25  +all stats
    HeroGreat Return25710+all stats
    ResistanceResistance's Spark25710+all stats
    Additionally, for sets of particular ranks, you get bonuses. These sets are not unique - both sets can give the same or different ranked ones.
    All characters in the set must have achieved the rank to get these bonuses.
    RequirementSet NameSet Bonuses
    B rankWarrior's First Step(B)+300 HP, +300 MP
    A rankWarrior's Growth(A)+500 HP, +500 MP, +1 ATK, +1 M.ATK
    S rankWarrior's Feat(S)+700 HP, +700 MP, +3 ATK, +3 M.ATK, +3% damage to bosses
    SS rankCompleted Warrior(SS)+1000 HP, +1000 MP, +5 ATK, +5 M.ATK, +5% damage to bosses

    Q: What does "level to physical/magical damage" do, anyway?
    A: There are two types of these bonuses - one adds to your damage range (Paladins/Mages, only affects one or the other), and the other adds to each hit after all other damage calculations (Buccs/TBs, affects both types of range). To get the total, add up all similar bonuses, then multiply by the level of the character receiving the bonus. This is added to the physical/magical damage range, or to the damage dealt by each hit.

    Q: What does "hp/mp to damage" do, anyway?
    A: Take a percent of your base HP, add it to the damage range. Note that while the displayed range changes, skills first use the range without it, and then the amount is added to each hit after all other calculations.

    Q: Wait, so which of those is better?
    A: Take for example an S rank Viper vs. the S rank Warrior set. These bonuses are 4*level and 8% of base hp respectively. On a level 170 Dark Knight with 9800 base HP, they will add 680 and 784 damage to the range. On a level 30 Brawler with 1000 base HP, they will add 120 and 80 damage. The key is knowing what the base HP is - from that you can figure things out. It's harder to compare Paladin & I/L because they're applied slightly differently.

    Q: How do Evan/Aran's "70% chance of healing %HP (1 per 60s)" work?
    A: Well the description's bad. Seems like it has a 100% chance of triggering every 10 seconds, for the % listed. Then, on the next attack, it has a 70% chance of triggering a second time, with double the %. There may also be a smaller chance of triggering a third time. In either case, it's a percent of your base HP/MP - ie. not including any % skills or +hp/mp equipment.

    Q: Does my potential affect the stats?
    A: Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Kaiser's card and Xenon's card stats are not affected by potential. The set bonuses (2 5 7 10) are affected by potential. Seems likely other individual cards are not, but I haven't tried them.

    Thanks to
    this guy (@HighOnMushrooms;?)
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    Default Re: Character Card System

    I think you got B and A confused.

  3. Default Re: Character Card System

    It's Nexon's fault for not knowing what an alphabet is.


  4. Default Re: Character Card System

    Can the card effects apply to the character that is the card?
    Ex. After the patch, would my mechanic's 15% cooldown decrease effect apply to itself as well?

  5. Default Re: Character Card System

    As far as I know, yes, the effects apply to every character on the account.

  6. Default Re: Character Card System

    In the account... or in the server?

  7. Default Re: Character Card System

    Per Server.

  8. Default Re: Character Card System

    I was pretty sure already, but oh well, doesn't hurt to ask :p

  9. Default Re: Character Card System

    Not sure how it works in Allianced servers though.

  10. Default Re: Character Card System

    Say I have 2 sets of triple SS sets.

    Do I recieve two different 5% boss damage and hte other crap? So I end up with 10% total boss damage?

  11. Default Re: Character Card System


  12. Default Re: Character Card System

    Thanks, that cleared up DBs and a couple other things I wasn't sure of.

  13. Default Re: Character Card System

    I guess the next big question is what combination yields the most damage. This is what I can think of so far;

    For Warriors

    Other physical classes

    The "I hit cap anyway, I just need help bossing." one;

    All of these were done assuming multiple copies of a specific class. I threw these together just now with some hand waving, no numbers written down yet.

    Edit; As far as I remember, the Rank bonus is still decided by the majority rank of your card set. So having a set of S, S, A, should still yield a S bonus. If not, I'll have to re-do these.

  14. Orbital Bee Cannon Straight Male
    IGN: Musiphe
    Server: Reboot
    Level: 277
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    Guild: Epic
    Alliance: Fatal

    Default Re: Character Card System

    I hope you realize you would have to level two of the same class to get those bonuses. You can't put the same character into both decks.

  15. Default Re: Character Card System

    That's my assumption too, but I have B (2 incl. Jett), A (4), and S (5) characters on my account so I should be able to test it when the patch lands.

  16. Certified Pimento Bi Male
    IGN: xxxxFenixR
    Server: Bera
    Level: Mix
    Job: Severals
    Guild: None
    Alliance: Nada
    Farm: Wut?

    Default Re: Character Card System

    Damn, now i need to make the 2 other warriors to get that dayumish bonus of Attack...

    Wait, Does Aran and Demon Slayer(When hes unlocked again) Count as a warrior for that bonus?

    edit:Theres also that CK warrior isn't it? Although he only counts as A at best.

  17. Default Re: Character Card System

    Funny thing I noticed was,
    The HP/MP bonuses for having three S rank card seemed to work in a merged server for me,
    But the other bonuses (individual card effect, card effect for having three of the same classes) did not work in Galicia, which is merged with Culverin in KMS.

  18. Default Re: Character Card System

    Yes, Demon slayer counts as a warrior, and Dawn Warrior counts too.

  19. Certified Pimento Bi Male
    IGN: xxxxFenixR
    Server: Bera
    Level: Mix
    Job: Severals
    Guild: None
    Alliance: Nada
    Farm: Wut?

    Default Re: Character Card System

    But no the aran? or he counts too?



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