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    Just a video of my Shadower Leveling up and Grinding :D Comments would be nice

  2. Default Re: Shadower Montage

    Music is meh.
    Video is okay.

    Couple tips.
    Try to chain Bstep with BoT. This will be replaced with BStep + Muspelheim in the revamp.
    Try to work on your mobbing a little better.

    That's all I can think of.

  3. Default Re: Shadower Montage

    Surprisingly the music sorta fitted.
    I enjoyed the vid, the clips was nice and short nothing went on for too long.

  4. Default Re: Shadower Montage

    I don't think I saw you use Band of Thieves even once throughout the whole video.

    Would have made Zakking much easier than using Boomerang Step+Assassinate.

  5. Default Re: Shadower Montage

    He only used it at elder wraiths.

    No wonder new shads don't mind losing BoT, they never f'ucking use it. All shads(even moderately high leveled ones) I ever saw at LHC just spammed BStep..

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    Honestly the fact we lost BoT made me hate the justice update for shads so much. Then Assaulter was just overkill. >_>

    Muspelheim can suck my cock.

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    Ah, the days when I frolicked among Typhons, BoT-ting them all to death.

  8. Default Re: Shadower Montage



    Watching this video kind of made me sad. I miss my pre-Justice Shadower. After two or three days of playing it post-Justice, I just want to delete it now... The only reason I won't is because it has the Alcaster quests done, so I can buy myself All Cures whenever I please.

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    Jeez. Is it really that bad? Losing BoT and Assaulter sucks but I don't think it's character-deletion bad. You can chain BStep with Steal, just means you lose the backwards range (which is really useful argh why Nexon why have you done this). Muspelheim is really f'ucking stupid as the only immediately usable mob skill, but the delays and range (?) are the same as Assaulter as far as I know. Just won't be able to rope > assaulter onto a platform any more, or assaulter mid air and land on a platform.

  10. Default Re: Shadower Montage


    1343%/s with Muspelheim + BStep
    840%/s with just Bstep. (factoring in delay)

  11. Default Re: Shadower Montage

    Yeah, I hated it. It just didn't feel the same anymore. When playing it, it just feels empty. I don't know how else to describe it... It's just not appealing to play anymore.

    I don't give a shit about multi-target DPS. It doesn't matter anymore except for at Monster Park (and maybe Stronghold, whenever that becomes a party play zone again). As far as actual functionality goes, the Muspelheim + Boomerang Step combination is terrible. It doesn't flow well at all. It's frustratingly horrible.

  12. Default Re: Shadower Montage

    I wish that was "mob dps", that's just for single target. Muspelheim gets rid of the delay associated with spamming BStep. Horrible or not, it's better than waiting for the delay to stop, unless you enjoy waiting a full second between casts, then that's your thing. You can use Steal if you'd like but the skill is weaker.



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