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Thread: How?

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    How do a statless (e.g. dexless) class stay at their base stat of 4 while equipping cygnus equips?


    Besides intermediate item crystals, how do i fund my character with more than 270m?

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    1. Use +Secondary STat potions, Maple Warrior, Mega Monkey Magic, to equip them atleast once. After that, The stats that the items give themeselves, Is more than enough to keep each other equipped. Its a weird glitch but it works.

    2. Monster Park for Equips and sell Adv Item Crystals? Get lucky with new items when patches come out? Merch? Its really how much effort you want to put into it.

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    I actually suck at merching. Never learned how to merch.

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    it's either A) have enough secondary stat through passive skills and equips to put on any empress gear
    or B) do what Untradable said and boost it enough so that you can wear it once, however if you take it off the cycle happens again.

    170 is not that hard for me (meaning I didn't actually put effort into focusing on 170 secondary), without my empress set I have enough from other equips and skills.

    I have 278 STR with everything normally on.

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    MW only affects base
    And inter item crystals are worth more then adv you can make more with advanced but when you make superior crystals you end up with A LOT of adv, also inter makes half earrings which people make by the mass.

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    So what should I do for mesos? Should I make intermediate crystals/mithril plates/etc?

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    >Harder than it sounds

    It took me 3 tries to get this on

    While this wasnt hard? somehow?

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    CHTP and Dom gives me enough secondary stat for anything I could ever want.

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    It seems to be harder to do on mages than other characters, since high wisdom doesn't give luk.
    @English; has a statless bishop and if he takes any piece of his empress equipment off, he has to borrow luk gear to put it back on. Same goes for my bishop. However, on my mercedes, I get by really easily. I can strip my character of all her clothes and I can get the set back on without any problems at all.

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    Some tips would be to make the most out of events, having a lot of decent characters allows you to do a lot in game quests/events but focus on having 1 highly funded character. Mineing for ores to sell/use is helpful you can mine up to garnets for free inside Arderntmille. Making friends in high places also helps, getting free boss drops/good deals off them.

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    Should i also do mmbs for profit?

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    MMB's could be a gamble depending the the prices you buy them for and how many you're buying.

    In Windia I've seen them for as less as 3m a pop. Not sure what world you're in, but suppose you're in the same boat with MMB's at 3m ea, that could net you 90 MMBs, and you could get a good portion of them that would send you on a profit(example, if out on the 90 you even get one MW30 that would put you at 400m, 130m of that being profit.) The down side would be storing it all, as you wouldn't want to throw it away, even if a book is only worth 1/2 a mil, that's still money in your pocket.

    But like I said, it's a gamble, you could just end up with the most useless books.

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    I just popped a mw20 in scania. I guess I should stick to mining/smithing or accessory crafting.

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    Combined, the 5 pieces give 93 of your secondary stat, +20 from the 5-piece set bonus. You get 113 of your secondary stat, and you only need to get from 117 to 170. The cape doesn't require any stats, btw.

    And if you don't understand, how it works is that you need 170 from bonuses to equip it. If you're equipping, say, the hat (25 secondary) then you need 170 before you equip it, once you equip it, you can take off up to 25 dex from other equipment, and as long as you have 170 total WITH the hat on (excluding %stat) it'll stay on.

    Better explanation: If you have an overall AND a hat (30 secondary, 25 secondary) and you have 155 total secondary stat, you can use mega monkey magic, equip both items (giving you 200 secondary without monkey magic), and then let mega monkey magic run out, your equips will stay on, and you've faked the requirement.

    Another example : say you have 57 secondary stat. The hat, overall, shoe, glove, and cape give you 113 secondary. Find other equipment, potions, and such to get your secondary stat to 170. If you have 170 dex while not wearing an overall, equip it, and then equip everything else (highest to lowest is best). You'll successfully make each piece self-sustaining with relying on a different piece that requires the same amount.
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    that bolded part is wrong, if the hat requires 25 dex, and you go under 170+25 secondary, it will unequip itself (and the rest of the set)

    i have a somewhat detailed guide of how the whole thing works on basil, didn't go into how %all stat/dex works though

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    Default Re: How?

    Messed up my explanation like a dumbass, fixed it now.

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    i'll just post this here just in case, but yes, it's correct now, if the OP was wondring.

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    That top reply.
    I can't believe people need a guide for this.

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    you fund it.

    with money.



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