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Thread: Timeline - EMS

  1. Default Timeline - EMS

    If there is interest in this we need the following;

    1) An Editor willing to process submissions, validate them, and make the entries.
    2) People willing to contribute stuff.

    Current editors : @BBD
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    If you want me I can dump information out from Galbatarix work (an EMS player) who kept information from December 4th 2007 to Feburary 2nd 2011 (patch 0.67).

    There is no way of me to contact him for approval or anything he kind of like went missing or maybe went as a new name or something.
    Since I don't play EMS nor do I live in Europe I am not able to contact him in game.

    It is just get it started, after that it has to be someone who actually plays EMS.
    Seeing that EMS is at version 0.81 it won't be hard once someone sets it up.

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    Go for it.
    Better a start than nothing at all.

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    I'm not interested in becoming an editor, but for anyone who wants to you can find patch notes here:

    There are some gaps because of minor patches or because they didn't make a banner but only a text notice:
    v.68: minor patch/bug fix I think, I don't remember anymore but this is the only patch I can find between v.67 & v.69:
    v.69 Dual Blade:
    v.70 minor patch/bug fix:
    v.72 this minor patch I think:
    v.75 Mechanic:
    v.80 Minor patch because of IDC transfer, not a content patch.

    Cash Shop release:
    31st of May, not the 30th of May as it currently says in the timeline:
    This day is also the official birthday of MapleStory Europe

    Anniversary events

    Maple Atelier & other design events:
    Maple Atelier Season 1 (3rd anniversary chair):
    (Designer's thread on forum:

    Maple Atelier Season 2 (4th anniversary chair):
    (Designer's thread on forum:

    Mapler Idea Contest - Pet:
    (Designer's thread on forum:

    Maple Atelier Season 3:
    (Designer's thread on forum:
    Sadly enough they released the whole set except the overall for some unknown reason.)

    Promo websites:
    Big Bang:

    You can find many more of course in the Notice/Update/Event section of the website.

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    @BBD, you're in as a calender editor for EMS until someone else volunteers to update it to now.

    @Koffie I believe there's a timeline bug where the dates are offset by one.

  6. Default Re: Timeline - EMS

    That should be resolved now.

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    This link is so amazing!
    I already use the!/PatchWatcher to stay updated with patches updates, and that link it will make everything so easy!

    Okay, I can do this now since I got the patch notes link.

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    v.82 Mercedes patch notes:
    (Posting this here because they were not posted in the usual patch notes place, but in

    (And a more elaborate text version of the v.81 patch notes, although it's full of huge errors, like the new "Legends" world which we will never get:

  9. Default Re: Timeline - EMS

    It seems BBD hasn't had any time to update the EMS timeline yet.
    I don't know if anyone else is interested in updating it, because if not I would like to give it a try.

  10. Default Re: Timeline - EMS

    Ray must be sleeping, you've been given permissions to do this.

  11. Default Re: Timeline - EMS

    Maybe I'm missing something, but does anyone know how do I add things to the EMS timeline?
    I seem to be able to edit & move existing events on the timeline, but I can't find out how to add something new.
    I could only find an Add New Event button on the MapleStory calendar, but when I used that to add an event I couldn't move it to the EMS timeline.

  12. Default Re: Timeline - EMS

    You have to be on the right calendar before you try adding events to it.

  13. Default Re: Timeline - EMS

    I thought so and I tried but I can't see the Add New Event button on there, I can only see it on the MapleStory calendar.

  14. Default Re: Timeline - EMS

    What about now?

  15. Default Re: Timeline - EMS

    It's working now

  16. Default Re: Timeline - EMS

    Are there any requirements for updating this? I'd like to add the more recent Tempest patches.

  17. Default Re: Timeline - EMS

    An interest in doing it is about the only requirement.

  18. Default Re: Timeline - EMS

    Well, I'm interested. :)

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  20. Default Re: Timeline - EMS

    Hmm, the 'Add New Event' button isn't showing for the EMS timeline calendar.



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