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Thread: [JMS] JMS v213 - Phantom

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    111 MB of this patch was taken up by Phantom AVI files, so don't expect too much in terms of content for this patch.





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    Ok, I'm officially jealous.


    jMS get's some nice nx, what's the blue scale thing? Item time extension?

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    It says it you can up whatever these "Weight of Justice" items are that drop from monsters with the scale to get special items. They're like Gachapon Boxes / Silver/Golden Cans, I guess.

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    They implemented everything for Phantom last month. So they had a full month to do something cool in terms of exclusive content...and they did f**king nothing. I am very disappointed, Nexon JP.

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    And this is...

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    I dunno, but he doesn't even have a name (Unless that was a mistake by the extraction), which means he's unlikely to actually be in the game right now.

    Edit: Server finally got up, second patch. Rather large (Larger than a typical hotfix). At 18MB and counting. I wonder if they forgot some crap in the patch we got.

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    It somehow reminds me of:

    Also: gMS release Phantom FFS....

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    In general phantom would come out in v112 for global right?

    I am also confused, Ive seen above say that data was added last patch, does this mean that they finished the rest of the missing data and released the job as well?

    What events are there, I am interested regarding if they get 4 hot times like kMS did?

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    Like Fiel said, most of this patch was taken up by AVI files for the Phantom storyline. All this really did was enable the creation of Phantom and probably a few bug-fixes.

    You'd probably be right about v112 being Phantom, But GMS has a way of messin things up, so V112 might be the Pirate/Theif Revamp, then V113 would be Phantom, Or they could all be combined. Who knows.

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    They could do something at the last second. In GMS, when we got the destroyed NLC, the alien monsters didn't have names in the extractions, but they did when they were released in the game.

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    Huh. Why is it that I keep forgetting JMS is ahead of GMS often? [Sighs.]
    Well, GMS has the canes set, but nothing else is mentioned. As for the Thief/Pirate revamp...that hasn't been officially announced..yet.



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