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    @Eos the [LIST] code does not work when you view the Timeline. Can you fix this, please?

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    No BBCode does, at all.

    ETA; I think they're working now, except possibly images. Those may be denied due to the size of the popup.

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    How far back would this start? I doubt Knexon keeps patch notes on their site from release. Atleast, I can't find any that far back.

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    At the beginning?

    So? Doesn't mean people don't remember approximately what happened when, and doesn't mean the rest of the internet has forgotten.
    It's a timeline, not a pixel by pixel differential analysis of the past 10 years.

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    Checked the dates, but it seems everything is behind 1 day.
    Ex) Open Beta is listed under April 29th in the calendar, but it shows April 28 in the bottom right corner when you click it.

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    Ignore it. It's doing something stupid regarding time offsets. I'm already aware but it's extremely low priority.



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