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  1. Default Gender restriction removal

    I haven't been playing for a while and while I was looking online for new stuff until I saw this:

    Has this item been released yet and how does it work?
    Does it just give a clean version of the equip of the opposite gender and does the item keep it's potential?

    If anyone has more information about this, let me know please.


  2. Default Re: Gender restriction removal

    This was never released in any MapleStory version.

  3. Default Re: Gender restriction removal

    On the contrary, KMS released it already. turns out it was never even released into test servers. just data they put into but never implemented
    It basically flips the gender requirement even changing the look.
    e.g. changes (male) to (female) and vice versa. Stats, potential, tag, etc are all presumably kept, the only change is the gender restriction

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    Default Re: Gender restriction removal

    it was actually released? could have sworn the KMSers here said the idea was scrapped.

  5. Default Re: Gender restriction removal

    Would you like to provide any proof? Because I have played kMS for the last 2-3 years, and I have never once seen this item in-game. Sure it's in the data but they have never put it in the Cash Shop or whatever.

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    Default Re: Gender restriction removal

    You quoted too soon.



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