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Thread: [Wild Hunter] Wild Hunter's Blind

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    Does it work on Bosses? I can't find ANY information on Wild Hunters anywhere since their minor revamp.

    I plan on maxing it anyway after the next SP reset, but I want to know if it'll matter or not.


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    I pretty sure it's safe to say it doesn't work on bosses currently. However, the Resistance Update KMS got this week made it work on bosses.

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    No, the resistance update made it not work on bosses, or clarified that it does not work on bosses.

    You're a noob. What are you even doing here.

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    Max's blog says it now does affect bosses.

    Blind (3rd): now affects bosses

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    I think only the blind effect works on bosses? I looked at the KMS 1.2.163 description, it says the defense reduction doesn't work on bosses.

    I rechecked the patch notes for KMST 1.2.434, and it says:

    블라인드 (3차) : 명중치 하락 효과가 보스에게 적용되도록 수정되었습니다.
    Blind (3rd): myeongjungchi down effect has been modified to apply to the boss.

    ... unless they changed it when it went from KMST -> KMS

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    일정시간동안 대상의 눈을 조준 사격한다. 공격 시 일정확률로 대상의 시야를 차단하여 명중치와 방어력를 저하시킬 수 있다. 단, 보스 몬스터에게는 방어력 감소가 적용되지 않는다.

    The skill description itself says it doesn't. The patch notes are referring to the accuracy (명중치) reduction. The defense reduction does not apply to bosses.



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