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    Default Mounting a Jaguar can be fatal.

    Describe the problem. Be as specific as possible!: Well, every time I mount a jagaur while not on a rope, my hit-box seems to go crazy and assume that I'm being attacked be a monster nearby (if there is one). It was quite a surprise when I logged back in and remembered that I was in an area that could nearly one-shot me if I was unmounted or didn't have Decent Hyper Body on.

    Images of problem

    As long as I mount on a rope or far enough away from monsters, this isn't an issue, but this will have some seriously annoying drawbacks when it comes to PQs with jump quests and the like. Not to mention the fact that I can't cast Decent Combat Orders while mounted and have to cycle on and off of it every couple of minutes.

    I'm not sure if this also applies to Mechanics, since their mount just appears under them, rather than having them move forward and then jump backward.

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    I don't think this will likely ever be fixed. It's not so much a bug as it's a side effect of your hitbox getting huge due to the giant animation associated with getting on the Jaguar. The same thing happens when Gliding on Mir as an Evan. The hitbox becomes huge because the animation is so tall and wide, and it results in things hitting you that aren't visually close to you.

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    What's the Wrench in the top corner for? o_O Never seen it before.

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    It's an improved Mining tool.

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    I was expecting the mount lag but this is way worse...
    So now you can worry about mount and this? I feel bad for mechanics and especially WH's now.

    I found you in OP's picture.
    Yes, i'm bored

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    Wild Hunters and Mechanics also have a hit-box problem at Von Leon.

    While normal (read: non-mount classes) walk "through" him, they don't get touch damage (yet, if they jump they -DO- get hit).

    But Wild Hunters and Mechanics get hit ALL the time while moving across Von Leon, and since you can't use potion spam there, it's just terrible. :(

    It's like this forever since the classes came out, and I don't think this will ever be fixed... the hitmodels are WAY too large for both classes...

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    From what I've noticed your hitbox size is basically as follows: If you draw a square over your character, the smallest the square can be while encompassing your entire character, that's your hitbox. Mounts, Mechanics, and Wild Hunters suffer because of this. It's really bad on any mount that's gigantic. It's really noticeable on my Paladin in JMS, where I have the free MSDS Cloud Mount. The hitbox on that mount is astronomical in size, and as a result if I use it I can't get anywhere without taking a lot of hits.

    It really sucks, but there's not really much they can do about it, and it's unlikely they will even try.

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    I had this same bug in EMS but with chairs that placed you in odd positions like the carrot chair.

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    Some chairs in GMS did that as well, first comes to mind was the Fish tank chair.



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