Wow, this area of the forum is dead...But anyways. I didn't see a specific list of regulations for posting stats and whatnot, so I'll just use pictures for the equips I have. I've been meaning to get rid of these items and make a bit of a profit. All equips are clean and as-is, they had potential when I first got them and I did not use any Miracle Cubes on said items.

-Arcane Aim 30
-Spirit Link: Pheonix 20
-Elemental Boost
-Pirate's Spirit 30

-1H Axe for Attack 60%
-Bow for Attack 60%
-Knuckle for Attack 60%
-2H BW for Attack 60%
-Gloves for Attack 60%

-Fraute A
-Fraute B
-Osfa Boots A
-Osfa Boots B