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  1. Default Weapon Nebulite socketing for a Bowmaster

    Hey Guys,

    So I was wondering what the most effective nebulite would be to socket on my bow.

    I'm not exactly sure how you guys calculate whats more effective, but boss and PDR I have now is:

    80% Bossing
    25(+2%) PDR from marksmanship+15% PDR from codex

    I hope to upgrade my codex to the 30% leafre one once HT is instanced, so assuming I have the 30% PDR rather than 15%, what side of the boss damage/total damage to PDR am I on?

    I'm not sure if I've provided all the information necessary for you guys to make an accurate judgement, but please let me know if there is any info that I missed :D

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Default Re: Weapon Nebulite socketing for a Bowmaster

    I believe the offical best method regardless of status is:


    If you can get a 20/25% bossing nebulite im pretty sure that will be better than anything you can get, Assuming most of what you do is bossing. Otherwise 18% PDR or 3/4% Dmg would be best.

  3. Default Re: Weapon Nebulite socketing for a Bowmaster

    The most effective would be boss damage %, but these are fairly hard to find, since they are only A. I had to pay a LOT for all of mine (For multiple characters) and used multiple super megaphones. So if you can find a boss damage one, use it.

    The most effective price:cost would be a B rank PDR one. They are very cheap and easy to find, and it's 18%. The A ones are 21%. Minimal difference.

  4. Default Re: Weapon Nebulite socketing for a Bowmaster

    Isn't PDR limited to 50%? Or is that something else?

    If it's PDR, then it would probably not be the best idea for him, since half that buff would be useless.

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    PDR maxes out at 100%, meaning you ignore all defence alltogether.

  6. Default Re: Weapon Nebulite socketing for a Bowmaster

    Was that changed recently? Or maybe it's just that way in GMS. Now I need to check, I could have swore I remembered seeing a "Max: 50%" warning on the Cross Brigade Boss Monster Card Set in JMS.

    Regardless, then yeah, 18% PDR is probably the best way to go.

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    Default Re: Weapon Nebulite socketing for a Bowmaster

    Incorrect, at with his current specs %pdr > %boss for any boss with higher than 40+%pdr, if only slightly. This has the math to prove it.

    In order: 25% boss, 21% pdr, 20% boss are the best A rank nebulites.
    I recommend 18%pdr B ranks as the best bang for your buck and coincidentally give you an even 85%pdr (including max ambition) which is perfect if you ever end up with 15%pdr on you bow.

    PDR maxes at 100% for obvious reasons and it has always been that way in GMS.



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