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Thread: Item Exploit

  1. Default Item Exploit

    Just in Case noone knows that, theres a Exploit out which let u create any Item!!!

    Hackers have already create GM hat, mass empress summoning bags etc

  2. Default Re: Item Exploit

    Leave it to Hamad to not only be late to the party, but to be so vague that the thread becomes irrelevant.

  3. Default Re: Item Exploit

    -points at the 10+ page thread about this-

  4. Default Re: Item Exploit

    Really? omfg I never heard this before anywhere!
    Seriously though, there is already a thread.

  5. Default Re: Item Exploit

    seriously ??? I cant find it rofl anyone have link? Thread can be closed , sry for this thread!!

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    Default Re: Item Exploit

    Welcome to 2-3 days ago...

  7. Default Re: Item Exploit

    try checking scroll lock next time.

  8. Default Re: Item Exploit

    Well I guess it could happen to anyone, just look around more carefully.



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